information prisons

not-for-profit educational works like wikipedia are sued into oblivion by paywall operators.  net neutrality is rapidly put into oblivion. ‘information prison’ become the new buzzword; and it describes those who do not have the financial solvency to afford basic search functionality on the web as an oligarchy of companies forges a totalitarian system of empire […]


a digital chieftain starts a daring enterprise in the porn industry with a reality show centered around his training a harem of ex-employees to work as his private executives in a shadow paragovernmental organization doubling as a think tank.  the show gains a cult following then is taken by storm as the shadow government emerges […]

the schizoid

“us smart people, they say.  they say we curse more than you common folk.  something to do with maintaining the complex wiring in our brains.  i do not know – i have [gesturing randomly towards his head] people for those things.” “but you must know, oh tsk tsk you do not!  well, goodness, where can […]