elevator pitch

after the death of their son, the authors of the frankenstein novel are approached while vacationing in italy by an underground metaphysical society that invites them to join in discovering a method by which they could regain the life of their son.

as they become aware of the group’s seemingly bizarre philosophies, they also become aware of how extensively the society reaches around the globe, how long it has actually existed in history and what its methods and purposes are.

famous and infamous people, scientists and prophets, poets and philosophers, all manner of men and women of influence seem to have been touched and influenced by this secretive network of thinkers, artists, writers – intellectual deviants living through time as a continuum of responses to the darker dilemmas of existence that the polite world will not address.  they transcend civility, science, religion, and what would seem to be truth itself.  madness and genius pool together for insanely brilliant but brilliantly insane discourses and dialogues about the boundaries of what they call the carnival, which to them is the metaphoric expression of reality as opposed to an underlying layer of higher and lower awareness that some can hope to bridge into.

Through long years of deconstructing the mysteries of the human mind, inductive thought research, rigorous and sometimes incriminating experimentation, the society has never pretended to exist as anything more than something which can be deduced to exist as a counterbalance to linguistic and numeric dogmas and models of the physical world.  the society itself does not formally exist as much as its way of denying academic, technical, and socio-economic progress as being irrelevant information compared to what it is able to accomplish.  some members of the society claim that if they were concerned with such affairs, they could take over the world in short order and be as gods and kings, goddesses and queens for a succession of dynasties that would outlast all written history – but they claim that the very meaningfulness of such a deed comes from a misinterpretation of history itself, and that to understand the purpose of history is to understand why world domination and dynastic successions are baubles and playthings for children that have not been told there is a indescribable and invisible monster preying just outside the walls of their conscience, things and events they are not prepared to engage for the inexperience and immaturity of the mind that would convince itself that it or anyone else is in ‘control’.