tres appar

ring of sharp teeth growing from a ring of flesh inwards, with a neural electric ring sustained between the teeth.  there is a single large eye suspended in the middle of the ring.  it is a designed genetic experiment.  it can see, and apparently think, which thought is a mystery attributed to the neural ring but no explanations as to how this happens is given by its designers, which is primarily because they don’t know.

two women connected by unbroken strands of hair growing from both of their heads.  their designers do not explain how this is possible; it is a mystery.

a large ‘krakatosaur’ with dangling rotten teeth suspended from every surface in the roof of its mouth, a disgusting and revolting sight as the teeth frequently fall out with apparent lack of replacement, although the fact that it still has teeth is a mystery which the designers do not explain.

do they know?  do they care?  probably not.  they experiment, they do not document or hypothesize.  these are children, and these are the children’s toys.