what is a country

we should try to be fixing the us, not tearing it down.

[long pause]

what is the us?

lol it’s a country.

[incredibly long pause]

and what is a country?

[nervous laughter]

what is a country?  it’s a place, i guess.  i – everybody knows what a country is.

[smashes window]




[pulls hand inside window]

fuck no!!!


what the fuck, guy?  what is your problem?



we’re doing this!!!  fuck you!  lol!  answer my fucking question, you gypsy monkey snotfucker!!!  you tell me what the united states is!!!  point to it!  paint it red!  drop it down an elevator shaft with a shitsack and see which one hits the bottom first!  you tell me which aisle in the supermarket i can buy me some of that shit in!!!  you tell me who told you there was such a thing as the united fucking states, and then you tell me what crablouse-infested pussy made that person boss!!!  fuck you and your imaginary friend!”

[continues under breath]

“united states of piss-ant hills stacking paper in a ghetto…”

[doesn’t know how to respond, tries but nothing comes out]