stars in the dope show


“crystal, angel dust, quaaludes, ecstasy, all that shit.  all the hard shit and most of the soft shit.  that shit all came out of it.  you wouldn’t believe how much modern drug culture started out as a by-product of the experiments going on trying to find a way out; trying to build a disruptive biochemical portal in the brain to reverse engineer all the cultural programming and unlock the magic again.  they were a lot more careful and a lot more methodical about it than we are.  to them the substance and the effects were the means to the end; not the end by itself.  they saw the human body as a kind of sorcerer’s cauldron – put shit in the pot in the right order, in the right amounts, in the right combination, and you could get fucking anything you wanted out of it.  stuff that mattered, not just getting fucking high.  like alchemist’s gold. it really was the next phase of alchemy, historically speaking.  problem was the shit leaked.  wasn’t surprising, looking back on it.  now we have this junkie infestation, these stupid amateurs with no concept of why they’re doing what they’re doing, how to control it, how to use it, how to develop their latent potential into something they can use, all about temporary fixes…no elegance…no plan…now the shit just uses them and eventually puts them six feet in.  the drugs aren’t even about the money or the industry or even control, man.  underneath all the hype, all the drama, all the bullshit, underneath it all is an elitist agenda to break the cycle and fuck up their own paradigm from within because money can’t buy comprehension of what the fuck is really going on.  and i think they did it – i think those fuckers broke out.  what we have are the leftover scraps of what they were working with.  and i don’t know what they’re doing or why it matters to us peons scraping the surface, but i fucking want in, man.  now what’s the motherfucking way in?  start talking or i start injecting all the shit i’ve been talking about.  and it’s going to be all the wrong shit, in the wrong order, in the wrong amounts, and all the wrong combinations. oh, you need to trust me. trust me like you trusted your breastfeeding mother 32 years ago.  i might not be a magician, but i’ve been a goddamn pharmacist for eighteen years.  i know how to fucking hurt you with an iv drip. start talking, little brother.”