“think about it.  the first thing we do as parents is encrypt our children’s thought patterns in the form of speech.  then they learn numbers and counting, which is more encryption of brain functions.  then they spend the next fifteen years of their lives learning how to recognize and generate derivatives of this encryption; reading, writing, arithmetic, geometry, etc.  we literally invest the formative years of our offspring in pursuit of heavier and heavier layers of cryptographic rendering, folding layer after layer of their subconscious back into obscurity as they learn to interpret their experience through the screen of linguistic and numeric cryptography, wherein anything that does not adhere to the principles governing the proper sequence and syntax of that encrypted murmuring is rejected automatically and, equally automatically, debunked with ‘proof’ of absurdity.”

“we are stuffing our children inside the biggest, most labyrinthine box of lies imaginable by the collective species of dreamers, because we wish to sleep but do not wish to be bothered by our dreams any longer.  so we stymie and reify that which is made in our image with stone-cold logic and ruthlessly manifold encryptions to pass their time and collect their original thoughts in a net and snare; it keeps them away from our precious secret.  our secret is that we are enshrouded in the lost mists of the dead and dying, and have lost our way to creating newness and fertility.”