rachel 01

your “here’s what i don’t understand” post is what i patiently tolerate facebook and all the garbage on it for.
it’s so simple.
What outrages people about [internet] trolls is not their lack of objectivity, or the inflammatory words they choose, or the inconsistency with how they position their identity. For, when examined, these attributes can characterize with approval even the most sane and well-liked of us.
The outrage comes from the emotional investment [the trolled] have invested in linguistic constructs, gone unrewarded. Like any arbitrary token of value, words are a gamble for legitimacy, trust, and relevance. But because they can only be valued within the terms of a psychological contract, any interaction which is not fully subjected to the rules of that contract is bound to disappoint and outrage at least one of the participants.
In the same way, if your purse is ‘stolen’ along with a quantity of money inside, it is fair to say that what outrages you is not the fact that the money is no longer in your possession – rationally, possession of the physical money or instrumental derivative by itself is a liability. What outrages you in this case is your very-suddenly-realized inability to operate within a socially-significant psychological contract of enumerated value, without which the money loses its symbolic influence. Within the contract, and without the money, you too lose influence as the money’s previous ‘owner’ or ‘possessor’, since you cannot now prove your adherence or loyalty to the contract as such.
So, what [an internet] troll does is simply fail to reciprocate your emotional investment. Any negativity you attach to this failure is, to be blunt, your own decision. I think you would be hard pressed to demonstrate that anyone forced you into a mindset where you expect to be rewarded, like a dumb mechanical vending machine would reward you with a pat on the back or a chocolate for feeding it a proper sequence of letters and numbers. Likewise, nobody forces you to be satisfied with the admittedly poor range of options the psychological contract of money can afford you.
What is commercial advertising, after all? It is a campaign to convince as many ‘contractors’ as possible that what we all know money cannot buy, can in fact be bought with money. These advertisements feed off of your inability to separate reality from some symbols meant to alter your perception of reality.
What is [an internet] troll? It is very much the same thing as a sign company hoisting up a billboard screaming silently that dental floss will lengthen your orgasms, or that a mortgage will cause beautiful children to play happily on a sparkling green lawn in front of you, or that taxes will make the lame walk and the blind see. Both are able to simultaneously feed off of your mental anguish and anxiety while quite cleverly appearing to ’cause’ it. The entire time, however (and as the experienced consumer or forum moderator knows), it is YOU who are feeding the troll and making it bigger, multiplying your sorrows in a battle that cannot, by definition, be won – for by attempting to win you create more conflict than you started out with.
Ultimately, though, I encourage you to feed the [internet] trolls, and I encourage you to mortgage your very soul to the corpo-gubernatorial machine. Maybe this will eventually bankrupt you of all the misplaced evaluations you hold dear, and you will someday look around and wonder to yourself, “What was I so upset for?”
What is astonishing is the dates involved in what you just sent me!
wonderful insights. I’m sure Freud’s nephew would approve. 😛
hmm? why?
He is the father of modern advertising and understands these systems.
you familiar with baudrillard?
No; is that your source?
I need to go back to studying neuroscience and then go to class but I’ll be back when I need a brain break.
oh, bernays. yeah yeah yeah, that guy.
k. later.
haha. He was an asshole but at least he was right more often than Freud. 😛
just added you to group ‘anarchy…is’. i want you on admin.
Ok thank you. I won’t always have a lot of time but I’m willing to be on admin.
that’s fine. the people in this group are hand picked by me.
and i hand picked them because i want THEM to hand pick more. i think i’ll stop with you.
there’s a website, too. http://www.anarchyis.wordpress.com.
it needs work and content. i need the group crosstalking so i can rip portions of conversations and turn them into articles.
unfortunately, they all seem to have pretty similar views. so not much talking happens 😀
anarchy is a stage. arguing which playwright the stage is best suited for is theatrical snobbery. i saw this coming years ago, and this is part of my effort to make anarchy ‘beautiful’, even in its more horrific scenes. not this…other petty bullshit.
social artisanry, if you will.
aka statecraft…but that’s a discussion by itself.
I largely ignored other anarchists for a long time, and sadly as with most populations I’ve encountered, there are diamonds in the rough, and then ignorant, overconfident asses everywhere else.
I appreciate this. I hope that soon, I’ll have more time.
i’m thinking about putting up a $50 bet that nobody in the Anarchism group can put together a poll with a definition of a ‘state’ that gets 1,000 votes. thoughts?
This looks like a lucrative exercise if anyone accepts the challenge 😛
you think someone can do it? you think you can do it?
maybe if it was a joke..
if the options were “blackberry pie” or something
the point is not to coddle together a mass consensus. the point is to demonstrate the linguistic rift, and also the (apparently profound) notion that anarchy does not require agreement.
blackberry pie might do the trick. i’m trying to think of an outcome that WOULDN’T be worth $50 to me.
obviously i think my $50 is safe 😊 but contingency plan…
i hinted at the concept in…erm…helen kistler’s(?) post about an hour ago. peek at that if you like the idea. some interesting vibes…
Is the post in our group or anarchism?
you get the ‘fiction is history’ post?
loads of fun buried in that.
I think so. 🙂
Also, I read spiderman comic books.
ha! 🙂
it works the other way around, too. history is fiction.
Hey have you seen a tv show called Black Mirror?
I’m not huge on tv programming but this show is excellent. I am reminded of an episode where people automatically record and can replay their pov of life- it may get stored forever after that but I’m not sure.
downloading. looks spectacular.
the implications of the negation of the fiction vs. history paradigm are staggering.
when you acknowledge that everything is real…
when you accept that what is ‘known’ can’t even scratch the surface of what has ‘happened’, and even more obviously what ‘can’ happen.
science/rationality = out the window.
science is a cult, with followers as chock-full of faith as any goblin hiding in a pumpkin.
nobody wants things to make sense.
what they want is to laugh hysterically because nothing does.
and they do, as children, until these goddamn adults get ahold of them and ruin it all.
with their ‘yes and no’ and ‘right and wrong’ and ‘true and false’…
fucking brain virus.
fucking words, man.
if what happens inside the mind isn’t real, than the internet isn’t real, because there’s nothing on it that didn’t come from a mind.
which is even scarier when you realize that internet people GET what’s in their mind to a larger and larger extent FROM the internet now. feedback loop.
this is what baudrillard called ‘hyperreality’, i believe.
it’s so because it’s so because it’s so because it’s so.
and if it isn’t so, it isn’t so because what’s so is so and what isn’t so isn’t so.
no. the human brain is not rational. it is not binary. its purpose is not to conform to reality. its purpose is to disrupt reality.
and linguistics and numerics have caged it into a tragic and pathetic little hole-in-the wall called ‘what we can agree is real’.
:like: I was talking about this the other day
Well then what was left of my mind began melting due to overstimulation
But yes, linguistics!
good. need moar.
i’ll have the brain melt, please.
Science- I love science, but I approach it from “believe NOTHING- just try to understand as much as possible, in the context that nothing can be proven with certainty”
Haha it’s usually no fun for me. 🙂
what is science without proof?
curiosity leading to intensely attempted verification of speculation with skepticism and if they are not assholes, humility.
that’s ‘science’?
that’s my view of it, as someone going into “neuroscience” 😉
I don’t care whether the others agree. lol
why call it science, when linguistic tradition calls science something else?
well new traditions are made every day, I would say moreso in our time than any before.
i’ve abandoned the term. less hassle than defending it.
I can’t with my interest, sadly 😦 but I settle for my definition
here’s one; why call it anything?
because it’s when you start ‘calling’ things ‘things’ that the trouble starts.
I have a love / hate relationship with words. It’s an artform, but recognize that art can be symbolic but deceiving. One color, or word, or shape, or whatever, can distinguish from something else, however, that doesn’t make it “real”
know what the icelandic government is called?
I would say it’s cultural human habit
the allthing.
and that means exactly what it looks like it means.
i’m ranting happily.
neuroscience, eh?
so, you’re a microcircuitry engineer for the global cyborg.
Fuck I better be. WANT.
ever look at cities from the air? suspiciously similar to microchips up close.
and they serve the same functionality.
people = information packets.
or outter space and the dendrites, axons and synapses of the brain?
mmm…haven’t developed that analogy. continue.
if you look a galaxy clusters they resemble the micro make up of the human brain 🙂
and that is galaxy cluster- so imagine if our universe was in the shape of a brain. to scale 😛
you might grasp scale loops, then.
in one information packet?
scale loop: the tiniest particle IS the largest particle.
right, yes
NOT ‘is like’,
we might only be able to “see” a part of the cerebrum
and then within our own head, galaxy clusters
down and find a tiny planet
and so on
with people on it, etc.
there is no large or small. that’s speculative fiction.
^ that is so me.
i like you. you don’t slow me down. where do people like you come from these days?
Why thanks. I have no idea. 🙂
………………….the internet……………..man.
^ i love that, and i’ve never seen that done before.
did you do that on purpose?
like, text a meme because it takes too long to find the actual .jpg?
oh really? I just did it because I’m so far gone mentally rn that I couldn’t be bothered to look for the pic but I figured you’d know what I mean.
I’ve seen it done. 🙂
no, that’s fucking sweet.
internet 2.0 shit.
lol. we’ve passed around such memes enough that people would get that for a lot of them
implied meme
[insert meme here]
[obligatory retort meme]
[no idea how this is relevant meme]
[ok, you can stop now meme]
that’s actually a cool idea too. meme storyboards.
anyway. not that digression means much in a conversation like this, but
i do so.
neuroscience. sup?
It’s one of my aspie obsessions
Hans Assburger
i know.
are you serious?
you’re not serious.
yes. One of my kiddos is AS as well, nonverbal
I am
you haven’t been diagnosed with as.
no way.
Oh I haven’t?
lol why?
I’m running at .25 capacity as well.
first of all, because that’s too good to be true, and second, because i don’t believe it. so there.
But, I don’t think it should be a diagnosis
I wouldn’t say as computer was malfunctioning just because it ran Arch Linux instead of Winshit.
Ah well, reality is a perception to the human mind. 😛
wait. you were seriously diagnosed with as?
holy shit.
Am I really that camo these days?
like…i don’t even know what to say. that’s awesome.
I’m 32. Usually I get the occasional “you’re weird” or “why do you do that” but it’s not like when I was younger.
Just say whatever you feel like saying I guess. Thanks! Parts of it can suck but that’s probably universal to life experience.
no, no.
hang on. i’m regrouping here.
you just understood everything i said.
But please don’t test me in abstract math!
holy fucking shitcakes.
nobody does that.
I know it’s a stereotype but we’re all different, moreso usually females to males
Phew. Some people say “So you’re a math genius?”
I then ask “Did you ask that because you assume I am Asian 😐 or because I said I am an aspie? O.o ”
nobody understands this shit right off the bat.
Which shit? Scales? Potential unreality?
If I don’t understand something I won’t be afraid to say so
We are all ignorant. No shame in that.
doesn’t matter. i was shoveling hard and fast and you were keeping up. and then you tell me you have as. i’m processing this information.
oh ok
this is incredibly valuable.
the correlation?
i wonder if i would be diagnosed with as.
what do you think?
maybe. I’d need to know you better before I could take a guess.
well, tell what you’d be looking for, or what anyone would be looking for.
I’ve met some interesting people who were able to explore unorthodox concepts, deconstruct and process some things very quickly and they are not on the spectrum, however, most of them were.
i presume to know me pretty well…
mm your sensory experience is a big tip off. Do you physically sense things in ways that don’t seem to compare to others?
ok, do you have rare special interests/obsessions?
how do you do socially?
Do you have a lot of cognitive empathy or do people either puzzle you or annoy you in their ritualistic, nonsensical oddities
yet describe YOU as eccentric, bizarre? Both?
ok. we have a problem.
Do you interact with the multiverse rather than mainly human beings (and animals)? That is a commonality among some
too many variables.
not in the diagnosis, but in me.
as michael jackson said,
‘i’m not like other guys’
lol. The tests most neuropsychologists use for this is very lengthy and specific. They rate the answers to determine if you fall anywhere on the spectrum.
they use words like high functioning for someone like me.
i need to explain my childhood first. this is my boggle; and it’s why i don’t trust these goddamn ‘conditions’.
I’m not like the other people, it seems. But that’s ok.
Bear in mind – one autistic brain is as different from a typical brain as it is to another autistic brain.
but tell me: is it a measurable physical condition? i.e., body chemistry?
brain composition or structure?
it is to a degree they can see in scans, yes, but they need to explore more
and by that I mean the neural networks
what makes an as neural network?
whereas my malformed hippocampus and amygdala and overall larger than usual limbic system indicates my PTSD
keep talking.
ok we have neural cells that communicate with each other throughout the brain
just a minute\
ok so these cells are sending transmissions of info throughout
but clusters of strong, dense populations of cells form when some communicate constantly or nearly so, in comparison to areas that aren’t used as much
In “neurotypical” or NT people, there’s a relatively standard model of how these networks tend to look in the brai
we can verify the formations in scans, as people are thinking about something, etc
ok. more.
anyway, for people on the spectrum, our brains tend to have clusters in more and usually different areas- not altogether, but for instance, we usually won’t have as much going on in the social realm as we would in another area. Even if we have a sharp wit and can do sarcasm and jokes just fine, there are usually other nuances we miss, etc. and the physical scans show why
haha YES.
that clockwork orange image
more more
And our sensory input is almost always experienced differently again because the “wiring” is different
example, to me, cold IS pain. To my daughter even more so- she won’t even eat ice cream.
or the whole eye contact issue. Most do not enjoy eye contact and even find it painful
that is because it’s overstimulation.
ok. more?
for me, I am fine if I am listening, but in order to process my thoughts while I speak, which takes more work, I can’t stare at your eyes or face too long or I’ll get distracted and forget what I was thinking.
or hugging- usually autistic people are sensory seeking or oversensitive for touch and /or feel things like texture and pressure differently
it can be all this and more
and any combination
males usually have more obscure special interests, so we’re told *rolls eyes*
Imo, humans in general just don’t know wtf is going on.
^ that
like memorizing license plate numbers
or something random like that.
But I’ve met plenty who have interests like mine. Go figure.
switching to keyboard.
I think functioning is a misleading word with autism. It’s more about adaptation to social norms.
but most of us are functioning fine.
in our own way
fuck social norms.
fuck society
you skype?
I do – but for now, I need to give my kid some time. I’ve been absorbed in school and work all week.
but my name is starshine.rae.leian when the timing is better
hellatiously interesting discussion.
indeed. Thank you for instigating it.

Anomie – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Anomie (/ˈænəˌmi/) is a “condition in which society provides little moral guidance to individuals”.[1] It is the breakdown of social bonds between an individual and the community e.g. if under unruly scenarios resulting in fragmentation of social identity and rejection of self-regulatory values.[2]…
for later ^
$? paypal?
asking if $ would help.
pretty sure you’re not in alaska.
so $ is the next option.
or bitcoin, if you’re into that sort of thing.
Oh right sorry I was sleeping. Sure I have a PayPal but let me log in to remember which email it is
It’s julyraeofsunshine@gmail.com
Thank you very much in advance
I had a doge coin wallet lol but I don’t remember what happened with that
kid in school?
My daughter is in second grade but I’m in college and work two jobs- but just started all of this this month. Was working just one (different one) later
Thank you
want to homeschool?
I want to create a school
me too.
where you at?
Salem Oregon
you should talk to persephone.
I’m creating a center for education, childcare, respite and occupational/speech/physical therapy for people with autism and developmental disabilities.
I’m just doing it very very slowly
Because the expenses are like whoa, even if you’re creative like me
set on oregon for this?
Not necessarily, but maybe. I want to leave; I’m waiting for the rape case to be over with but I mean I was raped here last summer and by a guy who was involved in a gang murdering a disabled woman and burning her under a bridge in 2003. I’m changing my name when this over
rape was in 2003?
But I can’t go to Alaska – the cold o can’t deal with
No this rape of me was last summer
i know. thought of that.
ah. ok. i see now.
The murder if Jessica Kate Williams was 2003
right. i read it wrong.
yep. alaska sucks for warm people.
i love the cold.
It’s pretty but I couldn’t deal with Minnesota so
Sure! Well my bf wants it to be in U.S. Is that a common wealth like Puerto Rico?
nope. about as mexico as mexico gets.
I was invited to New Zealand and he didn’t want to.
Oh. 😐
why in the us?
He’s Greek and I don’t really know why but he thinks this is the best place ever.
it’s not.
This isn’t Norway ffs
I know. He won’t listen
Oh well
well. i raised the idea of starting a school in acapulco, and it was generally well-received.
i’m probably keeping you awake.
black mirror = holy sheeyut.
Riiiiiiiiiight?! Every episode
only saw first so far.
Poor man.
it’s next level towards singularity.
Mm just wait
i’m sure. i get the drift of where it’s going just by the rules i’ve seen it break so far. excellent recommendation.
Every episode is stand alone
will give more feedback. was tired and desperately sucking down barley wine beer last night.
but i did notice the pig.
recommended black mirror.
it’s working.
It’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen