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text and not language as in ‘speech.’ there is a distinction there i capiche. alright baudrillard? o.O what is that? heheh. it’s what really got me going on it. hang on. From this starting point Baudrillard constructed broad theories of human society based upon this kind of self-referentiality. His pictures of society portray societies always searching for a sense of meaning—or a total” understanding of the world—that remains consistently elusive. In contrast to poststructuralists such as Foucault, for whom the formations of knowledge emerge only as the result of relations of power, Baudrillard developed theories in which the excessive, fruitless search for total knowledge lead almost inevitably to a kind of delusion.” that ^ right there hit me like a truck. yes i can understand that and i’ve been waiting for my head to catch up before i really dig into this guy. hence why the majority of the problems are not actually with people being ignorance, but their beliefs, opinions, structures of language, etc. – abstractions – based on things that aren’t so exactly what he said right there, it’s why ‘our’ dominant institutions are those based on opinion, language, thinking, ideas, as opposed to those based on any kind of method or process for an example, the contrast between politics and mechanics god, here we go – 😀 these are our delusions, and also many which exist primarily between people where we go? i’m getting ready for work…in which pooh bear will continue designing software for a medium-sized oil company. pooh bear? * sigh. i humorously refer to myself as pooh bear sometimes. alright, well we can talk any time. i already have a few articles written by the way, though they aren’t good for much as they’re inconclusive and missing crucial ‘context’ in the way of other articles, which i haven’t yet written ahh pooh bear which reminds me of the ‘tao of pooh’ – a book i’m sure you’ve read. i haven’t i’ve had it in my possession though, last winter derr gott. where i was, there were many other books to keep me occupied i never got around to the pooh book i read the whole thing on a boat. one of the few books i’ve read in the last ten years. i think you’d like it, if you have any previous experience with a.a. milne. or have broached the subject of eastern vs. western culture. hmm yes unfortunately i’ve come across that one many times, sometimes as a brick wall; a kind of block in conversations etc. 😀 anyway. the blog isn’t meant to contain doctoral theses…just to capture compelling, perhaps slightly disturbing content in bite-sized-to-a-little-bigger chunks, making them easy to distribute via various social forums, cross-blogging, etc. i have a 40-page blogging plan drafted…but it doesn’t really mean anything unless i can find contributors. alright i never went to university so… don’t expect too much thesis-style bullshit from me. whatever i write up is as simple as i can get it, applicable, to the point, and maybe most importantly, relevant across the board i know. i had an old facebook account with over 1000 connections. this has been pared down to less than 25, and you’re one of them. ‘nuf said. alright then, sounds good. look forward to seeing if we can get some work done then you should have an invite in your fb inbox. out of time – more later! take it easy speak to you soon 41525 🙂 looking at your notes…hunting… hunting? hopefully you get on well with whatever yout ake a look at :-)))) hunting…faw wabbits. i’ll be back at the keyboard in a little while, 45 minutes or so alright… hey i like ‘i’ i am deliciously traumatized by your work. that’s pretty interesting. that means it’ll stick around for a bit longer after the word END, right? :-))))) ‘i’ is also one of my favourites, so to speak not that i have favourites, per se yes. it struck me that you put ‘end’ at the end of it. because i don’t think i’ve ever finished anything. which is probably why i’m stuck on blogging…you don’t have to finish. it’s a massive brainstorming project at the end of the day. what do you mean, never finished anything? in writing. you’re talking about non-fiction? no, just writing. i find it the most difficult to finish anything non-fiction, because it’s difficult for me to overlook how one thing leads to another leading to another i get flashes of non-linear ‘environs’ or ‘ambients’ and i can put about 2% of it into words. :-))))) go further into this if youw ant environs and ambients, what these flashes are and so on i can relate to that in the respect of… a great deal of things going on with ‘me’ being essentially non-verbal, or just being unable to wrap them up in words, sometimes as a consequence of knowing that doing so will falsify whatever it is such as a relationship for e.g. hmmm…well, all i can say intelligibly and passionately right now is that i suspect humanity may be stuck ‘out of neutral’ toggling between both a state of wake and sleep with a missing third state in between – almost totally undeveloped, responsible for a great many unexplained or unquestioned things, quite probably unlocking and laying waste to some of the most fundamental presumptions about the purpose of existence, morality, the miraculous, the divine, the ultra…and it trails off. ok hold up a second alright our sleep is dead, and our ‘awakened state’ is blind. we get flashes of lost functionality and call them ‘dreams’ while we’re sleeping. we call them ‘epiphanies’ while we’re awake. because i’m not coming from the same kind of experience or frames of reference so to speak, i’m having a bit of a hard time following you entirely first we were at writing and is this to do with environs and ambients? i’m speaking freely, to be sure. i don’t know that i’ve ever called them ‘environs and ambients’ before. but it works. is this something you want me to really understand? because… i suspect that the flashes i get are related to a lost functionality of mind. something that can’t get squeezed into a pen and shot onto paper, etc. so i would be silly to try to get the other 98% out. if it is then… just let me suggest that instant messaging might not be the correct platform for it. the psychology of instant messaging on both our parts, if you can place what i’m saying yeah of course man so what are the flashes? and what do you mean lost functionality i think words are inferior. devolved. which means that whatever can be expressed in words is necessarily deficient in something. right i’m with you the flashes (or epiphanies, or whatever) could be a primal reaching beyond the prison of words. if it is intrinsic to words, then it inherently falls short somewhere, somehow, if we try to put it to any kind of practical use and so on a nervous twitch in a corpse. ^ right. just trying to see if i’ve understood what you’re saying how you’re saying it by rephrasing, you know i think that’s what communication is, fundamentally. constant rephrasing. not fear of falling, fear of stagnation. so i’m with you up to here. and i could add that it’s ‘funny’ to see that and then to also see that our most socially dominant institutions and even our cultural and interpersonal ones, the ones we live, evaluate, determine by, are matters of words it can account for a lot of the bullshit bs, bad science, belief systems, bullshit so i’ve just read what you wrote you have, i’m sure, investigated the notion of ‘casting a spell’? i’m with you here too… i could also rephrase and put it into my own terms there in a way that you might also be able to place to do with the distinction between thought and thinking thinking being a property or another tool intrinsic to language in action, whereas thoughts being something you have rather than something you do, come from a completely different place the thoughts in these terms would be the flashes in yours non-verbal unable to be captured in words well. if what i have devoted my life has a ceiling of only 2% of the whole picture, i am surely fucked. *devoted my life to that makes me a ‘child of the prison’. the prison of language, of what can be wrapped up in words or the distortions that can be made of what is true, by falsifying them in language i don’t see how they do anything but distort. as if that were their sole intent and purpose. a deliberate delusion. a ‘spell cast over the land’, quite literally. lol, yes quite literally i do believe there is a creepy connection between the two ends of the dichotomy our little social construct has made of the word ‘spell’. i.e., the magic sense and the rigorous, schooled sense. i read and observe of the effects of both, and they seem to do the same thing. so what, i ask, is the real difference? that magic isn’t real and graded tests are? huh…not impressed. they’re both the same thing looked at through different languages, different referents, different models and ‘maps’ to interpret by… kinda like that? yes. a false dichotomy. the same can be said for many of these false dichotomies; these linguistic two-valued orientations of perspective an unnecessary etymological deviation. two-valued orientations of perspective did you know that ‘micropolis’ (the original name for ‘sim-city’ was turned down numerous times until picked up by then-tiny ‘maxis’? the reason? there was no ‘win-lose’ paradigm. it was predicted by all the experts to be a commercial flop. it wasn’t. i’m not getting it ‘win-lose’ = two-valued orientation of perspective i think i got it just an example. this is kind of like a reason given for why games of this nature; strategic or constructive games, wouldn’t take off, or..? something like that the commercial model at the time the original simcity was being built was oriented toward what everyone knew human psychology craved – the win-lose paradigm. you have to be able to lose in order to win, etc. and if you can’t win the game, it isn’t a game, and if we say it’s a game and it isn’t, it won’t sell. impermeable logic based on a false assumption about the way people tick . the game challenged the paradigm. and it made the two-valued oriented perspective of the ‘experts’…dead wrong. winding back the clock on what the word ‘game’ meant. because ‘game’ historically meant “joy, fun, amusement” nothing more. yeah ok, i’m with you again i’m going to read anarchyis tonight i’ll start some writing soon i’m free with the subjects? you’re not going to assign me things or try to uhh… hmm… channel or specialise it in any way? pbbb. what’s that pfft a big fat yes, you’re free with subjects (whether i say you are or not) and no, i’m not going to channel or specialize. i didn’t suspect you would have. i’m just making sure :-))))) assign? only if you want assignments. we can try it out for fun sometime i just need content generated. the stress of getting people to read it is a completely different kind of stress than the content-generative kind. honestly, i don’t recommend both for anyone but the clinically insane. which i am. if you are too, then we can both try it out for fun sometime. but i need ammo in the pouch right now. gotcha can i use ‘i’ as an example of how broad the scope of the target can be? i want to show it to some other potential writers. *target audience you’d be privy to the conversation, of course. sure you can cool. do whatever you want with it splendid. oh, can you set the privacy to public? maybe you have reasons for setting it to ‘only friends’…it would make it easier for me to share it if it was ‘public’, though. ‘i’ is a story told in two ways; what the writing depicts, and the writing itself. the writing itself… certain words are capitalised why others aren’t. ‘i’ is lower case while ‘We’ and ‘Us’ is upper case. this gives insight into the conditioning of this character and, from what you get from what the writing depicts, the rest of the society i didn’t realise it was set that way one moment i noticed the capitalization. i figured you might have where do i find settings for these notes? i noticed it because there is pretty much only one real overarching formatting rule on the blog – no caps. so i’ve had to get creative with some articles. privacy settings? hmm. sometimes i might need to use caps, but i’ll explain why, when i do. to signify use of high-order abstractions or names, ideas etc. i gathered why you used them in ‘i’. cool depending on how devoted you are to keeping them there, i might have suggestions on how to achieve the same effect and stay within the confines of the blog. how do you mean? for the stories? i’ll rephrase: depending on how devoted you are to keeping the capitalized characters intact, i might have suggestions on how to achieve the same effect and stay within the formatting confines of the blog. (which means transforming everything into lower case) understood what would you suggest? don’t know – haven’t thought about it yet. i need to read it again. i don’t know how to change the settings for the notes. i think people who aren’t on my list can still see them, or can’t they:? ok – with the note opened, look at the date and time. you should see a faint grey icon to the right of that. yes i see that that should allow you change privacy for that one note. the note is public it is indeed. was it that way before? yeah, i haven’t fucked about with it. i didn’t even know notes had these settings. since the whole thing changed to timeline and after many modifications since, i’ve stopped ‘learning’ facebook huh. i could have sworn it wouldn’t let me share it before. my bad. so here we go…sharing… it’s alright. maybe it didn’t let you share it before. someone once asked me if they could share the story atom bomb of misery but ended up only being able to like it i may have been viewing only the preview. dunno. there. well. this has been a productive morning. and all before breakfast. gotta run! thanks. oh cool man good talking with you again. speak again soon. take it easy i’ve managed to retrieve some writing, just a few pieces 41525 cool. i’ve invited two other writers to the blog – one successfully connected her existing wordpress account to the site and can (as far as i know) upload content at will. i’d like to see you get to that point as well, but you may want me to handle the final formatting and publishing for now. i want to get some feedback on ‘i’ from the other two before publishing it (using it as a demo, i suppose) or anything else. 41526 i’ve got a very very basic draft version of a piece that i’d written on family and relationships, etc., which i’d like to show you at some point it is in no way finished; it is structurally a mess, but the content is there. i’d like to show this to you becausey ou have a piece on family already, although this doesn’t come at it from the same context say you put this piece of writing up as-is, it would work well with what you’ve already got up there, though there’s a big leap between them i’m game. please, please don’t think that all this content has to ‘synthesize’ with itself, or that you have to ‘agree’ with anything i’ve put up. if two football teams had a mass huddle and reached an agreement on which way the ball should go, nobody would watch the game. i want the stadium, not the ball. the crowds, not the glory. and i’ll tell you why, later. i’ll be working for the next 14 hours. i understand. it wasn’t an effort to sort of set you up for accepting this piece regardless. just to let you know that i’d noted that it didn’t directly oppose anything you already have up there, which is useful to note. the writing isn’t finished though, so iw ouldn’t submit it for publication as is it’d be good for you to look over and unlucky… 14 hours. enjoy man, if possible. is there a note for it? no man. but when you have 10 minutes to look through it, i’ll paste it here read via inbox, not chatbox k. nice one looks like a slow day at the office. i’ll have ten minutes at some point this morning. cool *nice one (?) i’ll post it here now, then you can keep it for when you’re ready nice one.. i don’t know. synonymous with cool i guess bravo. (synonymous with ‘oh’, i guess.) understood a little prependage never hurt anyone, eh? synonymous with ‘gotcha’ i guess 🙂 preprendage that’s a new one give me a sec 😛 yes. putting the ‘brav’ before ‘oh’ makes it ‘bravo’. prependage, as opposed to appendage. :-))))) ah, word games. so, this piece was titled abstractions of family and relationships in general Not only do I feel that notions of ‘family’ might be worth writing about because so many people for a lot of different reasons hold them dear, but also because, in relation to others, I have struggled with these notions for quite some time. After all, I’ve been hearing about them since birth. And the reason I say this struggle is in relation to others is because the struggle is not my own; it’s always brought about by having to explain things in conversation with others, when it is assumed that I too hold notions of family dear, and when I am asked about what they call “my family.” Part of the reason I can’t consider struggles with notions of family to be my own is because I don’t recognise or make such an absolute relationship-distinction, of who is family and who is not. Nor have I ever really felt – if such a thing is a feeling rather than a matter of thinking – any ‘special affinity’ to what could be called my bloodline, which would in any case be the foundations on which any concept of family I might have would rest. To say that I recognise no affinity to these people is not to say that I feel nothing for them, but simply that I do not feel an affinity for them which I can’t say I don’t also feel for those not directly related to my ‘bloodline.’ I won’t play dumb; I know exactly what people mean when they say family, and I still refer to those I’ve known as ‘family’ all along with the same terms… but with a certain awareness of psychophysiological responses to the distinctions we evaluate our world by, or the kinds of semantic reactions we can have to our own complex associations, this reference no longer begins with a capital F, and no longer comes with any silent clauses or catches, whatever… Before gaining any kind of insight into this kind of thing, ‘my own’ distinction of ‘family’ really was not my own at all, but it was handed down to me, so to speak, by the definitions and the expectations of others. It had been defined for me and I hadn’t thought to make sense of it myself. It’s rare that I’ll use the word ‘family,’ but now it isn’t so restrictive, and certainly isn’t so blinding as to how I relate just as intimately with everyone else on the planet. Why I’ve chosen to renounce my given family name, without having to cut off any kind of relation to the other people bearing this title… There are a number of reasons why I choose not to identify with the given family name, or surname. I suppose first and foremost that it’s been because I can find literally no reason to identify with such a name, especially not in casual and social situations. All sentimental reasons aside, there seems to be no reason to identify with any kind of surname except in terms of the paper trail linked to an official social identity, which is no more ‘me’ than the National Insurance number attached to the same name. Human beings find unbelievable amounts of ways to set themselves apart from one another. Family name is one such arbitrary distinction. I’ve heard many people say something to the effect of, ‘so long as me and my family are OK, I don’t care about anyone else,’ which is something I don’t subscribe myself to at all. Some years ago, I began to be able to take people and situations as they were, and no longer through the projected lens of verbal abstraction. ‘Family,’ just like ‘friends,’ became an unnecessary distinction to make, as the relationships I’d been blindly classifying with such terms before them seemed to speak a lot for themselves. For the most part I’d only maintained such ideas due to the ‘obligations’ that came along as imposed associations with such abstractions. To realise that the words or opinions or inferences you project onto people are not the people themselves, you might also find it impossible to see people through the labels you’ve given them. For me, the people in my life began to seem strangely human, more human, more alive than before. I could finally take them as people like other people; as they are, with behavioural characteristics which are intrinsic to human beings as a whole rather than behavioural characteristics which merely existed to live up to my own ideas of them, who they are, who they should be based on what I thought, and so on… I can relate with these people much more effectively now. They exist, and not as part of a world of words and opinions inside my head. Not limited to those who I distinguished as Family, but to everyone else I’ve ever met too, I saw that the people <em>are</em> people, and they will be people despite what I think. It can be a tough realisation to take, depending on how much ‘identity’ you have invested in your abstractions, that your mental model of the world is not the world itself. On the opposite side of this same coin, I can’t stress how much shit I’ve had to deal with, how many of my relationships have gone down the drain due to what people considered to be ‘Aden’ and how many times they’ve rejected me in favour of their fixed ideas of me. This kind of insight can lead to a more general knowledge about relationships; that when people’s abstractions become detached from the actual relationship, so much imbalance and unnecessary disturbance can be caused by it. Relationships stagnate… they can become empty… because relationships of all kinds are ever-changing whereas language is not so flexible. Wrapping relationships up in words can sometimes be the finest way to kill it slowly. It struck me quite early on that I had to embrace people and communication as it was, with as little interference from thinking as possible. One of the first steps I took to this effect was to renounce any and all arbitrary distinctions and classifications I imposed on these relationships, beginning at home with Family, all the way to the streets with Friends. As I looked around me at a huge human mess of what was vainly called relationships, what I saw and what I see appears a lot more ugly when all romantic notions are pushed aside and relationships are taken as they are. For a start, a great majority of relationships are strained under imposed verbal standards and definitions of who people are and what their ‘kind’ of relationship should be. Not to mention, I have seen people in the heat of moments betray their very own abstractions of “relationship-types,” be it from within a family, a so-called friendship, or more intimate, passionate relationships. After all, there are times when even people who do engage others only under the strain of their abstractions let their definitions and complex associations slip away, and decide for a moment to operate in a completely different way; as if these other people… are just people. People can forget their arbitrary distinctions for one another so easily when it suits them to do so. In many cases, ‘relation’-ships can go for the longest periods of time even if no actual ‘relating’ takes place. In these cases it seems to become a game of sorts, where the only relating that takes place is in the imposing of expectations based on ideas of what relationships of certain kinds should be, demands based on those ideas, and so on… I can almost completely understand why people are quick to distinguish one another by all kinds of verbal standards; in many cases such abstractions are thought to bring people closer together. The problem is, a lot of the time they can do nothing but get in the way, and actually separate the people it is assumed these abstractions will bring closer together. People can take a look, and they will see this kind of thing for themselves. Not to mention the arbitrary and sometimes painful separation between people and others who don’t fall into their relationship distinction, for example; by calling these people my family under such rigid terms, I am, in effect, claiming that you are not. In these cases, the people held under these relationship distinctions never meant to set themselves apart from others, but that comes naturally as a consequence to the steps they’ve taken to try bringing themselves closer to those they’ve distinguished. Sometimes, brothers and sisters may live as though they hate one another. I doubt they do really, but how much of this comes about as a kind of misdirected rebellion against the terms ‘brother’ and ‘sister,’ and all the associations, the expectations and demands, the obligations that have been imposed upon them by their parents, by their societies, that they are expected to live up to simply by being cast under such a distinction? Instead of being taught how to relate, how to communicate, it comes as an expectation based on accepted mental models of relationships, and rarely works. (It always stands out to me to witness ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters,’ so to speak, who actually have strong, fluid, reciprocal relationships… because this is fairly alien to me. I like it.) There are many people out there whose lives and relationships are based on the pressure of maintaining and/or living up to ideas of the imposed abstractions of relationships of all kinds. To be able to see through these impositions… to recognise what is actual and without having to project any kind of verbal distinctions… people may find their bonds with one another strengthened a thousandfold, and many others can be free of relationships they have been trapped in for the longest times based on verbal distinctions of those relationships, and what is accepted by those involved and by the ‘society’ around them. Understanding, rather than opinion, will free people in cases like this. Relationships speak for themselves; they don’t need humans’ lack of knowledge speaking over them. And how much more interesting all kinds of relationships can be once they are freed from people’s sentimental notions of what ‘should’ be!! I’m your friend, but I’m not <span style=”text-decoration:underline;”>your</span> “Friend” … For your inbox bump bump bump bump gone! ish yes, yes. starting virtual machine and switching to number games, now, but i’ll be back. good god damn, man. read it. i know of someone that needs to read this. for personal reasons. forwarding… ah ok cool. i’m glad about that; maybe they’ll be able to take something from it 41527 what does the phrase ‘defense contractor’ evoke for you? outsourcing military operations to outside agencies maybe? something like that how come you ask? did you forward the writing to that person? yes. i will explain…soon. are you familiar with NAICS codes? no man k. it’s just industry codes used to categorize businesses. internationally recognized. everything from butcher to baker to sex toy maker, to employment agencies and law firms. i’m trying to find a code for a organizational design i’ve been developing for several years. i don’t know if there is one, because it’s so subversive. but sublimely simple.. imagine if all the resources (physical and mental capital) of the existing defense contractor population were spending time predicting and preventing the katrina disaster (for example). instead of plotting ways to explode the moon.. or famine.. my point is that the defense contractor world has a powerful hold on many of the tools necessary to solve crisis and conflict. which, unfortunately, they get paid to foster and protect. so i’m desiging a different kind of pitch to governments, political parties, leaders, etc. that actually want to solve human problems instead of profit off of them. ‘Resource Management/Conflict Prevention/Crisis Resolution’an ‘alternative approach to defense contracting’. somewhere between think tank, boots-on-the-ground, and consultant. because it can be argued philosophically that the purpose of defense contractors is to address threats by preparing for conflict.the current, widespread approach is extremely expensive financially, politically messy, and involves lots of manufacturing, maintenance, and human overhead to even pretend to ‘work’. so, you sell it by citing an alternative approach – much less expensive because it involves manufacturing ideas and connections rather than bombs and bullets exclusively. much less messy politically because you don’t risk rambo shoving a bullet up the wrong civilian’s ass. and it turns human overhead into human potential. five-year old on the alphabet: “it’s crazy. it’s big and it kills people.” 41530 there’s that black flag i mentioned. 😀 41533 that ‘uncyclopedia’ anarchy article is an intentional gag. i howled with laughter while reading it. 😀 41538 you’d probably like this: the meat is at the bottom. (my last comment.) 41554 if you insist on joseing with jose… but i don’t recommend it… almost done. eventually it will be unappealing for him to even try schooling me anymore uh-uh. i’ve tried it. he’s a tasmanian devil. he won’t let go. he apparently has the time and the uffishness to carry on past all comprehension of purpose. good luck! 😀 i know but i can take it. it’s a shame about the state of your post though i got what i needed. know/not know is enough for now. cool i’m writing a film script, by the way. fb is a great tool for dialogue generation. 🙂 why didn’t i think of that…. 😀 dialogue is something i struggle with in my stories well, now you know. 😀 nice one man 41563 s’goinon? not too much buddy. just about to take th edog for a walk. how’re you? about to commence extraction of my own brain tumor. should take about three years. 🙂 took me three years to identify it, three years to isolate it…so i’m thinking another three years to pull it. tell more well, you see: i was subject to church services for the first 19 years of my life. three times a week, plus home indoctrination (homeschooled). that was, as i understand, how the tumor got there in the first place. blatant, relentless, blinded prescriptivism. somehow i survived with a brain at all (i think i did, anyway). but there was definitely scarring. which i refer to as my ‘tumor’. self-psychiatry is tricky business, but its pretty much what i have due to my rather unique upbringing. *it’s i finally got to the point where i can shake a stick at everything dumped down my throat as a kid/teen. which i was never able to do before. major accomplishment. i have a peace i never had before. which is funny, because most of what was dumped in those 19 years was a sort of pious ‘demand’ that i should feel some kind of peace…an ever-elusive one, i suppose. i don’t know why anyone would go to one of those church-places if they ever actually FOUND peace. so it stands to reason that a church would be like any other business and mask or withhold the actual solution to the problem they purport to solve. “just keep coming back – you’re getting there,” they say. what’s even funnier is that the overwhelming feeling of revolt towards those same church-places that i’ve had for the past six years…is gone. i think it’s because i can compartmentalize the phenomenon and dismiss it for what it is. it no longer has its hooks in me. so i don’t see it as a threat. it’s simply…there…a curio in a museum that is vaguely familiar. i used to be like a snake in those places – terrifying to the people inside because i was just as terrified of them. but i feel that ebbing. i’m not tormented by their demons any longer. i feel like i know what they are trying to say, and can easily bear the weight of all the mighty ideas they pretend to surmount with their texts and rituals. so i’ve beaten them in my own mind. now, i suppose it will take about three years to let that victory work itself out through action. the ‘extraction’ phase, you see. 41662 hey man. i was hoping you might take a look at the draft copy of an article i just posted, and let me know how it goes if you do? it’s in my notes the atheist’s dilemma cool. will do. it is read. cool! how did you get on? you didn’t define ‘god’. no i didn’t defining god would not have been relevant i’m no atheist, i’m no believier or disbeliever i don’t concern myself with god i explained that a little bit at the top, and at the paragraph at the bottom I know. define god. (humor me). hahahaha if i use oh god instead of saying oh shit sometimes, can i define god as shit? poor attempt at that humor? I’ve been through the logic you used in the article, and my comment is this: how you think of the concept of god may lay waste to the efficacy of the entire thing. i don’t think of the concept of god, however… that’s the thing. these are observations of some ‘atheist logic’ i have encountered – you’d have to ask them, to be honest I say this because i checked. you checked what? the thought of the thought of god. (sic) which is what I mean by ‘god’ hm sorry but i’m not following you can you rephrase? my brain is a bit shit sometimes in that it needs full context repeating sometimes define god. or the thought thereof, or whatever. don’t use the web – it’s somewhat pointless. i don’t use that. i don’t define words with dictionaries or anything, but if i only use the word god in the context of ‘oh god’ etc… can i say that i can’t define god, or that i -don’t- define it? or something along these lines? it’s simply not one of my abstractions emulate the act of abstraction, then. i promise it won’t hurt. much. 🙂 ok, but then i’d have to say i don’t know if i could do that no no, it’s no problem. i just don’t know if i can do it i’m not too superstitious, sentimental or… hmm… romantic about the world. if i were, i could probably abstract god a lot more easier for the sake of this conversation i mean that’s not surprising. I don’t know why I would ask you to do something I suspected you knew you could do. i’m not entirely sure what you mean again i can perhaps define god via the abstractions of others but they would just be your standard, creator of all things, guy who lives “up there” kinds of definitions some define god as life itself, you know some as love no. ‘God’ as a descriptor of the aggregate of all the abstractions that have led to the general effect the spoken or written word has. It’s etymology, in other words. *its hmmmm I’m actually asking you to describe a facet of the human condition. why people abstract god? the origin? why people identify with certain religions? would you give me in the most simple terms you can, your question? are you going to at least pretend to define the word ‘god’ to humor and contextualize my point? yes but my lack of intellect or perhaps brain energy of some sort is making it difficult for me to follow you I wouldn’t worry about it. I intend to show you a shortcut to skip all that nonsense. but it’s hard to appreciate a shortcut if you’ve never even tried the long way. 🙂 understood, but perhaps i have. perhaps not. i’m still not entirely sure what you were asking me. it truly was the terminology too; my vocabulary’s not bad but it doesn’t contain a couple of those words. aggregate, descriptor etc. oh. define god. that’s the simplest, though perhaps not the most concise. lol 🙂 you may have made the attempt. happens I want to hear the story, or watch it happen for myself. I’m slightly humanoid that way. speaking of which, you seemed to inquire into the nature of the facet of the human condition I was referring to. That would be, in simple terms, whatever condition has given rise to the recognition of the thought of ‘god’. just describing that is enough to humor me. just so you know, I’m about halfway to the point of running out of ways to ask the question. I was hoping to skip all that, too…but whatevs. define god – all notions warning signs against such action PROBABLY already taken into account and adjusted for. *notions and warning signs …and so the query persists, the context loiters, and the point sighs. I suppose I should let you know, before I forget, that I want to publish it. I’m also going to be attending an atheist meetup group sometime next week, where I will look for an opportunity to introduce the article. it’s good shit. ok man, few messages to catch up on. give me a few mins. will make a cigarette too the facet of the human condition you mention… could you mean, the conditions that makes a person want/need/seek some sort of god or religious belief? the psychological origins of religion/belief? curious about that, as, if religion is a by-product of something else, the effect to some cause, then i wanna know what’s going on behind it. not just to deal with ‘surface issues,’ which is what’s in the forefront of most people’s brains when considering “religion,” etc. – does it at all relate to that? because if that’s the case, then ‘god’ could readily be described as a feeling; a solace, a calm, a soothing, etc., that these people are seeking – if that’s they’re seeking. anyway, that’s just one thought that came up while writing that. still asking the question though you’re in the right universe, which is good enough for me. Is there more? probably somewhere, yeah k…not in hurry. well i can’t just spew it out, that’s the thing. that’s why i can’t write much, you know… or answer if someone says “so what do you think about <massive subject>” that kinda thing I can, for this particular massive subject. nice one 41677 Tagged you in a post. I wonder if you can access it? 41841 you buy your cryptocurrencies outright? they come to me. like rats do the piper. 🙂 right… why? just wondering. have been accumulating some for myself i had a suspicion you were. but basing the investments on social conditions not the currencies themselves.. such as darkcoin and cloakcoin based on anonimity. mintcoin based on ‘environmentally friendliness’ – just been on the exchange here’s what i have Account BalancesToggle COIN BALANCE BTC0.02169133 BTCS110.00000000 CLOAK100.00000000 DGB1000.00000000 DRK36.56100000 MIN1000.00000000 MINT5000.00000000 SUPER6.00000000 Est. Total BTC0.57034807 yup. heavy in dark. dark and cloak seem quite promising no black, eh? none hrm. seen blackhalo, nighttrader? nope how come? linked to blackcoin? yup. i was considering picking up some blackcoin shall i? hang on. ok BlackHalo | Just smart contracts and decentralized exchange! Just smart contracts and decentralized exchange! note: not just decentralized currency – decentralized exchange. so the code carries a mechanism for managing contractual obligations. nobody really understands this crap yet. i was asking why it hadn’t been implemented in bitcoin six months ago. shall i trade for 15bc? so i’m kinda a fan of blackcoin. are you on cryptsy? no mintpal k. yeah, grab you some blackcoin. alright done have you seen ? Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations Crypto coin market cap rankings and other info COIN BALANCE BC15.15499207 BTC0.01929705 BTCS110.00000000 it gave me extra wtf i put 15 maybe it’s because it’s in – right now might be a minimum trade thing. or the price updated before you hit the button. i have a mintpal account but i don’t use it. not familiar. is insanely useful. they list…like…everything. price/exchange-wise, anyway. links to coin websites. all exchanges. even ones with zero volume. nice i’m just findin my way right now fumbling and success, not trial and error, because it’s the success that’ll stick and produce applicable insight You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples. There are no nations. There are no peoples. There are no Russians. There are no Arabs. There are no third worlds. There is no West. There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars. Petro-dollars, electro-dollars, multi-dollars, reichmarks, rins, rubles, pounds, and shekels. It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet. That is the natural order of things today. That is the atomic and subatomic and galactic structure of things today! And YOU have meddled with the primal forces of nature, and YOU… WILL… ATONE! Am I getting through to you, Mr. Beale? You get up on your little twenty-one inch screen and howl about America and democracy. There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only IBM, and ITT, and AT&T, and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide, and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today. What do you think the Russians talk about in their councils of state, Karl Marx? They get out their linear programming charts, statistical decision theories, minimax solutions, and compute the price-cost probabilities of their transactions and investments, just like we do. We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies, Mr. Beale. The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable bylaws of business. The world is a business, Mr. Beale. It has been since man crawled out of the slime. And our children will live, Mr. Beale, to see that… perfect world… in which there’s no war or famine, oppression or brutality. One vast and ecumenical holding company, for whom all men will work to serve a common profit, in which all men will hold a share of stock. All necessities provided, all anxieties tranquilized, all boredom amused. – Network 1976 41841 is the volume related to the value? if it rarely pumps out anything near a btc will the value fluctuate at all? theoretically, high volume on an exchange means lower prices and/or ease of entry or other built-in benefits, such as user interface or low fees. traders tend to flock to these exchanges, hence there is where the volume is found. as far as coin volume goes, that’s a little more tricky. coins may not be moving because they are being hoarded and the price is too high, or because they’re worthless and nobody wants them. typically, high volume without significant rise or drop in price is indicative of a healthy market for that coin. so auroracoin i bought some the price hasn’t shfted for hours shall i get rid of them for now and reinvest that elsewhere? or.. is that not woth the fee? look at the buy/sell wall on mintpal. i do and you know how to interpret it? – pretty fun… and i’m not sure if i know how to interpret it Attachment Unavailable This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you. demand, right? it shows demand yes, but also demand as it relates to supply. different patterns help predict movement. there is actually no such thing as a ‘price’ of a coin. there is only what someone is willing to pay before someone is willing to accept that amount for a coin. the buy/sell walls are a graphic representation of these forces. high buy walls mean that the ‘price’ is more likely to go up as the low-hanging fruit is eaten up by it. a steep drop on the buy wall usually means the same thing. as far as whether or not you should sell aurora, have you checked other exchanges? just because the price isn’t in flux on mintpal doesn’t mean it’s not going for broke somewhere else. coinmarketcap show all major/minor exchanges for each coin. click on the ‘1314 markets’ link in the upper left, then click ‘view more’ for aur if available. instant view of all markets. might want to check to see where it is in its mining phase, too. also, is a brilliant analysis tool. takes into account more intangible factors, such as buzz on social networks and other variables. but, in my opinion, scotcoin is a little more exciting than auroracoin right now. need help with a mathematical question to do with crypto trading k…this is sort of what i do. right i’ve realised now how i can be sure to profit from each transaction including fees etc. the problem is, i’ve paid for cloakcoin twice, two different prices and i’m not sure how to bring up the number i need to sell each coin above to profit from it mintpal should have a trade history area for your account. yeah im using it crossing all numbers etc. if you’re asking what to sell the coins for, you can put up two sell orders, one for each set of coins. but the coins come in sets? i can sell the coins by sets? technically, they don’t ‘come in sets’, buy you purchased two sets of coins, at two different quantities, yes? yeah but tey are merged in one account when you go to sell, match the quantity/price to the first set (times whatever profit multiplier you want), then do the same for the second set. you should be able to put up as many orders as you want, regardless of how you boughy the coins. *bought yeah how’s your trading going? let’s keep each other posted i’ interested in your goal of raising the 1000 i would like to do the sme and we could help each other right now, i’m completely empty. drained my account to pay for some advertising. but more will come. absolutely. having two people in two different exchanges is a good thing. arbitrage is easier that way when the opportunity arises. when will you be able to begin again> i am considering dumping close to a grand gbp into indefinite mining contracts and cloudhashing, and 1.5btc, so i can start to play around a lot in these exchanges why has the volueo f blackcoin declined lately is that how much is being mined? don’t put money into indefinite mining contracts. why not? i’m notinterested in profit here but steady flow of btc to trade with see? even in small amounts it is useful i sell mining contracts, and i’m telling you not to buy them. i can explain why, too. ok why don’t you mine, and trade with what you get? i do. but not in indefinite contracts. the purchasing power you realize through mining must be closely and constantly examined, and constantly improved, to stay competitive with the raw purchasing power of the coin itself. locking into a rate is suicide, even if your speculation is rewarded in the price, because the mining profitability is going down, not up. the best time to start mining is always now. executing a contract bought at today’s rate six months from now is like knowing the price of gas will go down and filling up all your vehicles and the big tank in the backyard. so how much hashing power do you have? i’m doing well on the exchange after only a couple of days depends on how you look at it. i have instant access to enough to completely screw over most coin networks (and so do you, by the way). on-site, in-hand, none. that is also too depreciative of an asset to get into sanely. working on putting a pool together. how much for you to mne for e for a little bit? dude, i’m not going to sell you anything. go to if you need help let me know. if you like it, that’s great because my business buddy and i need someone to fill orders. and get paid to do it, obviously. we’re swamped enough trying to automate everything. we’re using them right now, but working on competing with them. it’s all hush hush secret secret, of course. anonymity has its perks. it’s essentially a mining auction…ish thing. you plug in your pool creds, total amount to spend, and top price of hash, then…wait. the market decides when to aim at your offer based on all the other bidders. if you enter a high price, you’re likely to get served with little gaps. low price means they’ll get to you when nobody else is beating your offer. this means their pricing CAN be extremely low. the miners are competing for fees, the buyers are competing for hash. a sort of buy/sell wall…just for hashing power, not coins directly. blackcoin – don’t know. price seems to have behaved negatively to the blackhalo announcement. that probably means any combination of three things: coins were taken off-market (hoarding) nobody’s really figured it out yet/nobody cares, the price hike was built in, anticipating the announcement. all hype died when they realized it was mostly hype. blackcoin is pure PoS now. no PoW mining. has been for months. but has managed to hover in the top ten by market cap (total fiat invested in online exchanges). 41842 viacoin might be part of the drop. similar. 41843 and finally, ethereum was recently launched. more similarities. bought fifty ethereum at if you buy ethereum, you’re in it for the long haul. i’ve been aware of this one for months. like six months. probably a serious contender (along with maidsafe) for bitcoin’s seat as most disruptive innovation of 2014 – 2016. 41845 mintpal going down? what? i’m on it right now everything’s running fine and i’ve learneda lot since i began trading here, and i’m good at it watch overall volume. getting forum noise saying that the exchange is down for the count, and that coins are moving to bittrex. could be just noise, but watch volume and security alerts. you know how to back up to cold storage? no i don’t but i will find out more as i use it blackcoin isn’t doing too bad at the moment cold storage is something you do yourself. it’s the most realistic way of ACTUALLY securing your currency without trust in a third party. i.e., an exchange or wallet service provider. ahh ok ill look into it cheers man any tips on coin? i got my eyes on cloakcoin proof of concept. i have 50. how to buy? ahh ok got it it’s not released yet. proof of concept means you’re not buying into an active network. you’re buying a key that will be built into the network when it is released. wild, but true story, bro. also, go to altcoincalendar for new coin release dates. well i will do these htings but as i get to them, you know… right now i just want to focus on how to trade, and i’m doing well there as i learn more yup. been there too. you might want to mess around with sealswithclubs poker for btc. CAN be as profitable (and as predictable) as trading alts. what will happen with bitcoin if monetary systems worldwide collapse? you think it will be utilized? the true value of a bitcoin after all is its usefulness, and it is that bitcoin needs the internet to work. 2.7 billion people use the internet. those 2.7 billion spend more than 1 trillion worth of USD in a year (officially) online. bitcoin has a 10 billion USD market cap, with a half mined network. there are thousands of alternatives to bitcoin that use the same technology and philosophy. i have no idea what’s going to happen to bitcoin. not enough data. i do strongly suspect that the market cap ratio betwen btc/alt will even out within the next few years, possibly months. right now it’s a 95/5 split, which is ridiculous. since we’ve been talking another 30 btc have been moved onto mintpal but i will keep my eye on it i believe the future of cryptographic tech is in content decentralization, not currency. the key ingredient for currency’s efficacy is scarcity, not abundance. the same tech that is being used to mirror antiquated systems of exchange mediums and equity preservation are being used to make replication of information and physical assemblies mindless and trivial. in other words, the snake is eating its tail. when the minimum reward for input is deemed equitable by itself with no further speculation, equilibrium is achieved. this can be almost completely achieved with content decentralization. online piracy is winning, and it’s fighting a mindsey that has been programmed to insist that scarcity is normal, which is a tactic used by psychopathic hoarders to disguise themselves as normal. and online pirate/hacker culture is essentially taking its ability to override the commonly installed program, pitting itself against itself, and stating that whatever the result of that conflict is shall be considered the static body of truth. this is the philosophy the entire system of cryptocurrency is built on, from the blockchain to the mining. the more people participate in the designed conflict, the more secure the new definition of the truth is. this philosophy can easily extracted from other spheres of human activity, converted, and reapplied. the fact that it’s being done with money just means that money was the most obvious target. that’s all. when the philosophy ia applied to the OBJECT of the money, the money will become obsolete. snake -> eats -> tail *mindset *can be *is applied 41861 BC – Crypto Analytics meta property=”twitter:account_id” content=”4503599630024386″ /> and, in case you’re interested, Work For Bitcoin Top Categories You need to log in or register a new account to post. Follow @workforbitcoin BTC/USD 1BahuyYSk37SjBpcmqX9Na4PVS9DBVo8vd � 2011 – 2013 Work For Bitcoin LLC. Bitcoin Jobs Online – The Leading Job Board for Digital Currency Browse All Available Bitcoin Jobs and Find the Perfect Match! 41901 how ya hangin’, cryptofreakout? cryptofreakout? and i’m doing alright thanks man. was just looking up a coin actually what’s with the nickname? i make ’em up as i go along. disposable monikers. bitcoin’s on the floor again, eh? wot wot? DOWN, BITCH. DOWN ON THE FLOOR. THAT’S WHERE I LIKE YOU. 😀 a slight slump in the value… no problem. watching that thing could drive a speculating person crazy. i’m in for the long haul, mining now too… and i don’t worry about the value nor the money spent 😀 but getting into other coins too. mostly peercoin, darkcoin, syscoin and namecoin little bits of others too i love it when the price goes down. reminds me i’m not too late. lol you mining directly or cloudmining? depends on your goals i guess cloud which site? pbmining is where i have most of my hashing power, and a little bit which i play with on which allows me to mine other coins too, also trade coin for hashing power rentals etc. $0.0049 per gh per day… which isn’t so bad you know! but those are the rentals. it’s $1.50 or something per ghash per life mine any scrypt? looking for a good deal. i have 630 at pbmining i’m working on builting up my scrypt hashing power… but it’s a slow process on pbmining because i started with very little input of funds and have been playing with the same funds ever since need 2 mh/s of scrypt for a year. what will pb charge me? can i even get that little? do they output coin or hash? coin and you can pay in coin wait, what? one second £0.03 per kh for life sorry, it’s in £’s on eobot you can pay either in csh or coin hmmm. i would recommend eobot for sure what do you want to mine? don’t want to mine. want to resell mining contracts. want a job? pays in bitcoin. depends what it is reselling mining contracts. i could do explain more interested brb making cup of tea. wil read when i sit first, is your anonymity of paramount importance? my work partner likes skype video introductions, but will understand if that’s not an option. nah, fuck it. names and faces aren’t me, so it’s no problem but what are you thinking? i’m thinking i can show you how to operate the entire back end of the site, and you present products in the form of mining contracts based on your knowledge and existing attention to the market forces, fill orders as they come in, be the ‘finger in the dyke’ as we work on automating the process, and in general make sure the process flows smoothly with no hiccups. we would take care of driving traffic to the site – the marketing piece. hmmm still interested. i can see something being ossible with this the business model is simple: retail markup. our function in the new ‘ecosystem’ is to get paid to expose mining to the masses in an easy-to-use, customer-driven environment. hit the uneducated hard because they have no precedent for price and just need the educational experience for now (which they won’t get anywhere else). so what are you suggesting? working together on it, whereas your role would be to pull in people and mine would be to implement the mining? yup. let’s do it k. we’ve been doing it, but are spread thin now and need someone to cover this base. speaking of base, do you have an objection to using basecamp? also need to discuss compensation. basecamp? no… and compensation? sounds like something’s gone wrong already. you mean how we’ll split the funds? we’ve been doing it? scott, (one of) my working partner(s), and i, and some other associates. compensation: rules of pay for work performed. i can set up a recurring stipend for now and get into the messy commission-based stuff later (this i would recommend). alright i don’t really care as long as i’m not being fucked with… as long as it adds to my hashing power then we’re good to go i’d do it for little, so long as it came in regularly or showed the potential to .02btc/week suit you, at least for now? just need the public key…you know how this works… that would suit me, no problem k. i’ll get up with you on this tomorrow. just finished payroll for the week so i’m short at the moment, but i’ll get you the first installment asap. no rush. just let me know when i can be doing something. the 0.02 would go a long way in securing some permanent hashing power though, so it’s worth bearing in mind that i will be using what i’m paid by you to improve what we can offer good deal (to cliche). if you have no objection, i could use your email to invite you to the basecamp project. basecamp is a web-based project management interface. also, your payment address. 1JYzmJqNTwtrzczCc9CJ1nE4hT979UcjoS – this is me k. over and out. thanks. cool man. later on i might wanna talk about this a bit more so i’ll send a message if so cool. also, something to think about: we’re hiring writers at a rate of $1 per article plus 15% commission (details involved) to write 200-300 word articles – up to fifteen articles a day are needed. thought of you. you can fucking write, dude. ponder that for a bit and we’ll talk soon. i would be interested in that let me write 41902 i’ll be able to get up with you tomorrow. 41903 alright man 41903 ok. what we got here? ideas? ideas for what? writing? anything at all, but writing is foremost on my mind right now. comic, serial, superhero/villain, coin reviews…ideas? little articles on things i’m either reflecting onfor whatever reason, whatever’s in my focus, or whatever i’m working on. what is it you’re after? what’s with this comic, superhero/villain thing? you want fiction? i want whatever you can churn out providing enjoyment to all parties. fiction would be a leap forward – cryptocurrency doesn’t have a well-developed pantheon of characterizations and icons yet. it’s ripe for the picking. i’ve got a fair collection of fiction already almost thirty stories AH NO DIS. mostly short 🙂 psychological thriller mostly. i like that kind of stuff. other short pieces just… i dunno what to say about them hold up shall i send you a couple of pieces here just to look over? not necessarily to read through, unless you would like, but just to scan to get an idea of how i write the different things? yup. send send send. alright coming through here are just a few, various lengths. here is matt is shortest, olivia is my longest completed project Warning This attachment could not be loaded. Warning This attachment could not be loaded. Warning This attachment could not be loaded. Warning This attachment could not be loaded. Warning This attachment could not be loaded. i have considered selling compilations of these for coin, or individually but mostly i have just given them to people like pritned copies and sent to them etc. now i like that idea. with the right formatting and binding media, there could be a sitw dedicated to selling compilations of your work (which i am a fan of, by the way). i would buy such an animal. give me some time to read it. *site 41904 it’s so awesome. read william’s story. forwarded it to a team that does professional audiobook recordings. waiting for some feedback. oh, cool! nice one glad you got onwell with it how about this mining thing we were talking about? any updates? go to i lie. admin it’s a little rough. ever work in wordpress before? i need to pay you. funds in coinbase, waiting processing. i have used wordpress a bit before yeah. had a quick look over the first link, will check the panel soon and ok that sounds cool what was it you were asking me about a skype introduction? someone you are working with? yup. up to you. i don’t mind it. you’re talking about paying me, which of course is useful to me. but in some way it would be good also to be useful see that? that’s what we need to be ready for. the pessismistic outcome for the market leader (bitcoin). that means altcoins. *pessimistic no problem because if bitcoin goes back into the dark ages pricewise, altcoins stand to absorb a ton of capital looking for new place to hang out. and scryptwarehouse isn’t quite ready to scoop up that potential traffic. that’s where you come in. alright, gotcha. yeah, it’s useful to get into the other coins too. not necessarily all of them but… aye… but we’ll see about btc. i’m not too worried about it but that might be some naivety or ignorance on my part.. the issue cited in that last article is real. it’s not insurmountable, but it does need to be overcome by improvements to the protocol. and it might take a massive price dive to kill enough euphoria for the network to take it seriously enough to make the changes. down to $100 would do it nicely. 41905 thoughts about product lineup? i’m an advocate for simplicity when it comes to scryptwarehouse. high power, short duration (coin launch), medium power, medium duration (hedge your investment), low power, long duration (the loyalist). pick an algorithm, pick a power level, pick a duration. pay in btc only, contract starts within 24 hours of purchase, we pay out in btc, please contact if you would prefer a different payment method (such as dogecoin or pool creds), and Have Fun Mining. questions? concerns? rebound shot? fries with that? sex and violence? 41905 can you skype with aktundrapnm? i have an idea. you available in about five hours? i’m not sure. it’s pretty late. what for? teleconference. for content generation. if your time zone doesn’t allow it, i can try to work something else out. i’m not explaining much…had hoped to do that on the call. it’s in the direction of enabling you to fulfill the paid writing requirements. ok aight. we’re going to record it and send it to you. any way i can listen in? ‘aktundrapnm’ skype at 11:30p EST. is ths you? added i have a pbmining account hashing at 630gh, 5 year contracts, just over a month old. looking to sell. sort of urgent. let me know if you’ll be interested sell an account? now that’s an interesting proposition. got a price tag? considering 1.25btc, 630 for 5 years. can be upgraded with coin too. weekly payouts already up enough to cover further upgrades with bits left to play with i don’t know where to message… here or skype context decides. others have access to the skype account. technically, others have access to this account, but they’re very secretive about it and don’t flaunt the fact lest they piss me off (facebook staff). alright so do you have any interest in this account at all? i mean not just a general interest but… would you like to take it? since being made redundant i am doing all i can do to get the most out of what i am investing, and need to move things around every now and then for that what do the daily payouts currently look like? they are paid weekly, every sunday the last was 0.07412 jerziz. that much for 630? hmm… 630g/hash not my asking price i get it, i just wasn’t expecting that much. no? well i’ve noticed that these calculators are wank, and that i usually get a much better speed than they calculate so i like to use them anyway, so i’m even more impressed with what i get later on down the line i wasn’t expecting that much of a payout. you’ll be able to add blocks of extra 30-50ghash with the next few payouts if you want, and of course it’ll go up after that. they upgrade within 12 hours if i have to keep this account (which i don’t wanna do) i’ll upgrade it to all fuck because that’ll be the most practical… before i decided to sell i figured that it wouldn’t take that long to bring the weekly payment up to 0.1 ideally i wanted to bring it upto 0.3 for this account four-month breakeven at current rate. yes how urgent? plus, i say fuck the break even. the steady flow of bitcoins at increasing rates (assuming you maintain the account) is very very useful well… i would like to have it gone asap. what are you thinking? enquiries to make? i think scryptwarehouse should buy the account and employ you to resell it piecemeal at a marked-up rate. but we need to have that call in an hour point five, which i’m not ready for. you in? alright… i’m not sure what all of that means but it sounds like the account could be bought; that’s cool. and.. yes, i would like to take part in some of this work too. eventually i’ll be able to bring opportunities to you too, this is for sure yeah i can be there quick homework assignment (trust me, it’s necessary if you want to follow the conversation): study the word and practice, ‘arbitrage’. familiarize yourself with that economic concept. i would ask to bear any possibilities of getting rid of this account in mind. the move would create a great deal of flexibility for me even though i’ll be losing about 70gh/s ok i will right.. on quick look, i get it… i’ve done it without knowing what it was on the excahgne will keep looking could be wrong but it seems like it apply the principle to a much larger breadth of economic activity, introduce bitcoin as an irreversible payment option, and you suddenly create a whole new field of remarketing and logistics opportunities. fondle that thought for a few minutes…it’ll come up again. (innuendo somewhat implied) 41906 anytime you’re ready to proceed, i’m standing by. mentioned your mining account to scott last night. consensus is that we would rather buy hashpower from you than some disinterested party, but he wants to check fair market value (with adjustments for future difficulty in mind) before making an offer. before i forget, “Last week Bitcoin Magazine posted this question on ZapChain specifically so that they could learn from the community and use the answers to write an article. Turns out they really like the ZapChain community. They published this article and some of you are quoted! Over 80,000 people read Bitcoin Magazine every month. High five! If you didn’t get quoted this time, don’t worry, there will be many more opportunities! This is sneak peek at what they said about ZapChain: ZapChain appears to be a legitimate way to congregate digitally and discuss bitcoin with key influencers. It is proving to be a great tool for journalists and contributors alike to access great minds within the sphere and tap into a key knowledge base. Engaging with people on the ZapChain network will enable everyone to gain clarity, seek knowledge, and hear answers directly from those who understand the technology the best.”” – Victoria van Eyk, Bitcoin Magazine””” 41906 since we’re talking about generating lists of content, here’s five ways to do just that 😉 1. pro-cryptocurrency news channels 2. anti-cryptocurrency channels 3. statistics, technical specifications 4. live, organic dialogue 5. creative fiction inclusive of cryptocurrencial memetics. i’ll have a look around tonight, do some reading etc. and let you know. just woken up though, haven’t made any moves yet roger that. 41907 .02 coming your way. thank you – i haven’t been able to write anything about cryptocurrencies but fiction… i’ve been ill all today but i wrote in my bed. just a stupid story about someone using cryptocurrencies to enable almost absolute anonymity. being able to disappear without having to disappear, so to speak… i know it’s not fiction you’re after or anything. just kinda getting back into it. i haven’t ‘been able’ to write anything since i was made redundant write whatever you want. we can worry about tailoring it later. fiction is wonderful. there’s a sincere lack of it in this genre. 1984 could be rewritten simply by injecting this into the plot. “From: David Parker Date:09/25/2014 4:20 AM (GMT-09:00) To: akbitcoinmeetup Subject: Major Update on CCN & 2 Ad Spots Available Dear akbitcoinmeetup, We have just made some major improvements on CCN. It’s now lightning fast, got a new comment system, and an increasing knowledge library on Bitcoin. CCN got 2 full time editors, one based in Europe and one based in Los Angeles. This gives CCN a 24/7 coverage which is important when hunting the latest breaking news. We are increasing our traffic and is now among the top 13 000 most visited sites in the world: Pageviews have grown from 600 000 a month to 700 000, and unique visitors from 250 000 to 300 000. We currently have 2 ad spots available, 1 728*90 px on the homepage, and soon a 300*250 px ad in our sidebar (sitewide). Contact me if interested. This email is sent out to previous and current advertisers. Have a good day. Regards, David Parker ============================================= CCN Our mailing address is: Malet Street Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7HX United Kingdom Our telephone: -” a transaction should show up in myw allet after 7 confirmations, right? waybefore then… your 0.02 made it through but i tried adding to it to use for an upgradeand seems the other 0.05 i moved is lost in 0’s and 1’s what wallet are you using? multibit it’s showign up on the blockchain and yours came throughwith np hmm…describe the .05 transaction. Attachment Unavailable This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you. from eobot however it’s interesting to note.. i also withdrew syscoinand that hasn’t showed yet either i mailed them – BUT this is showing up on blockchain:S Estimated BTC Transacted out of the 2 transfers shown there, seems like mine is still outstanding what is .0435? in fiat? whatdo you mean? it just seems to be a separate transfer so .0435 was not a value you defined? no it just seems to be on the back of mytransfer 0.1 was sent out, split between my .05etc and the .0435 i see a balance of .1 less fee. what should it be? balance in my wallet should be 0.076 so .024 less fee is in question? ?? wait you sent me 0.02. good, done. i transferred 0.056 or whatever from somewhere else. it’sshowing onthe blockchain, but my client isn’t showing it do you know of anotherwallet which will read the multibit backup files? aha! your client isn’t showing it, but the blockchain is. let me get this straight. your multibit client shows a lesser balance than the blockchain for the same address? yeah is it synced 100%? Final Balance yep fascinating. the first thing that comes to mind is to use the ‘spend from cold storage’ feature of an app like mycelium. have smartphone? i don’t have a phone, no… :-/ i don’t know what spend from cold storage is… k. spending from cold storage allows a spend from a private key only. you should have the private key backed up. ? the file yes Attachment Unavailable This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you. does this work for you? the site seemstobe down… haven’t used it. check the site tellme if it loads i get an error is your wallet up to date? i think so i can’t get on to the site to check it’s down. might be ddos. yeah so maybe they’re on the wallet too.. let’s wait it out 41908 i’m taking a break today. be back tomorrow. 41911 these are the price rates scryptwarehouse is willing to pay for the contract in question. how’s things? 41911 41914 getting deep around here… 41919 41920 you ok, dude? 41922 41923 41925 41925 41980 41985 do you still want writers? i have learned a lot more now i’ll set you up with author privileges tonight. we have a team of four, an office, and an LLC now. give me an idea or two please microsoft appealing to the younger generation by acquiting yapper and mojang – and now accepting bitcoin. what if eve online accepted bitcoin? *acquiring your caption to the microsoft post so… it’s sorta over tell me more? microsoft is huge. they now accept bitcoin. gates = wealthiest man in the world, has spoken favorably of the tech. now his company is backing his statement. i’m in a jam. ttys. understood 41986 41991 41991 i swear to fuck you wrote this. 41996 $75 left! check that shit out. 41999 i know this guy’s brother. he’s charged as much as $5000 for a corporate logo before…wanna write for a comic strip? or just get high-grade vector illustrations for a story? ^ seriously not u, bro? 41999 realized i don’t have your email when i went to set your writer’s account up. yet i think i have it…somewhere. ??? 42000 :-)))))) good morning buddy ha, i read that story. i promise it’s not me – but it did feel strange reading it at a few sentences. similar influences/conditions of writing in some cases… 42000 Create an account and provide a good reference! BTCJam is a social lending network, and I need you to help my first loan get to 100% so we can start funding some of the projects you and I have going on! Thanks! Write a reference for Michael Lloyd Join now BTCJam, the world’s largest bitcoin peer to peer lending network. Where borrowers get loans at low rates and Investors get great returns. 42001 just made you an author at log in at user name = ‘a e’ password = ‘aden’ should change that password once you get in. looking at some anti-writer’s-block tools now… 42004 oh yes! alright man… timeto get on to something i guess! do you sell bitcoin at all? i want a really pitiful amount to get rid ofthe stragging couple of £’s in my bank lol. would preferit in btc ofcourse am not sure how to accept euros…would have to be a hawala-style transaction between people we both trust. you use nah, they require identity. but you know i found this cool site based on holland. easy tosell btc through and deposited in my bank thenext day, no identification it’s alright, one of my buddies here hooked me up i’m trying to get to 1btc and i am close 😀 i will not spend that, but keep it. all that comes from my mining then i will use at my leisure i really will put some time in tonight into writing something for you, and if ican’t then i will at least outline some ideas and send them to you to look at man and don’t worry, fully punctuated and all that when i write non-casually formally? fuck knows just out of interest will definitely look at what you come up with. can’t wait. did you find much in the wayof tools to deal with blocks? i guess i just can’t write here, this house, this little box room. i need out! when i travel, when i live with others or live alone, i can write like crazy and, remember i was trying to sell my pbmining contract? lucky you didn’t take that from me bud. they went rogue, lost half my hashing power well shit. i have several thoughts, but i am preoccupied. s.o. has kidney infection and is hospitalized; taking kids to see her. ah, i hope all turns outwell for you and everybody man. i’vebeen a bit all over the place heretoo lately. my brother setthe house on fire and tried to kill everyone including himself. now he’s going to jail, and trying to get me in trouble too, the little fucker be well man. we’ll talk soon hey, tell me topic or range of topics ican choose from to write about, and approximate length of desired article, if youcan. i wanna squarewith you for btc you sent me before. thing is i have a few ideas but to square with you here i wanna know what you want actually forget that. i just hada great idea. i’m gunna write some notes brb i’ll get on it i have a peculiar personal issue i’d like to talk to you aboutthough whenever you’re free man driving, but have a few frontal lobes i’m not using 🙂 i don’t know if i want any of the writing linked to me. if you’ll have it, if it’s good, can you put it in your name or someone whodoesn’t exist or…? well i’ll consider this but.. i dunno ROBERTO ANA he shall be called. haha ok so it shall be 42005 i can write; i can write very well when i have a full-ish grasp on what i’m trying to write, the things i study etc., interpersonal issues, epistemics and whatnot. woudl you confer with me on some of the writing though? for example, i want to write the most irrefutable article that details with absolute acuteness the value of both he blockchain and bitcoin itself, despite fiat currency. so, get well into the ‘values’ of it without reflecting on cash value. mightneed some help, and do you think such a subject would be a good start article? 42005 man, have i gat me some thoughts that need writ, even as i grow to despise linguistics. value of the blockchain was rapping its knuckles on my skull yesterday. when i can i will proceed to commence to begin to divulge some of what i’m getting…i wrote a pretty good synopsis of the 66-book canon yesterday without even trying. who knows what will happen today? 42006 hey buddy, would you be interested in a gridseed miner for £12.50 worth of bitcoin? almost unused, boxed and all.. will include shipping price in that. need to top up some coin pretty bad sogetting rid of somethings man, you couldeven use this as a heater 😀 lol what do you think buddy?orare you in no position toanswer right now if it had value as a video processor, i would be interested. mining seems counterintuitive to me unless it is a full-time, full-scale enterprise. or if i could leach some free power…which i don’t have the luxury of right now. ahhh shit :-/ i’m cutting the price on this every time i make the offer because i need a minimal amount of btc 😉 haha let me know if you know any who mabe interested? i have a need for a small amount of btc and am putting this miner up for grabs i know two other people with the same problem – if i knew of a way to fix the problem, i would serve it up. this is not to say it can’t happen, though. cool. well if worst comes to worse i would even taken £5 of btc for it and cover the shipping myself. matter of urgency, you understand what’s the $/£ exchange rate right now? 7 66 jesus. how much is the damn thing worth? re: how much did it cost to buy? i bought mine for £35 from ebay have just barely used it since i cloudmining buti am in desperate need, so.. :-/ hence the discount exploit the economic hardship! you’d bedoing me a favour lol i need your writing, not your mining equipment. exploit my literary hardship. i am working on avery nice piece right now… the value of bitcoin despite its worth in fiat. i can promise you’ll be impressed. however, this is a separate issue. just asking anyone i know who’s into bitcoin to see if they can help. writing will come soon buddy! but for now i gotta get rid of this miner and the article, btw… is clear and concise. jargon-free i can make it easier than that. hang on. interesting, although i dont know why ‘it’ you refer to ha just sent you another invitation to another blog. i believe you will find the topical requirements easier to fulfill. although your bitcoin article sounds like a smash hit – coindesk-worthy, maybe. i just put the first article up. 42007 Levis 501 ad 1990 “Blind Man”: i have a personal fascination with the mentally perverse, and thus with the institutions that house embodiments thereof. asylums, wards, loony bins, whatever they are called, they function as tranq shops to keep the white sheep white and the black in the dark. i am willing to pay for compelling original literature (probably in the format i’ve seen you produce before) that includes this subject, as well as a few others (such as alternate physics, the occult, etc.) 42007 hey i’ve got something for you to take a look at. it’s short, subtle, fits the criteria you set above and is a multi-layered story. it’s half a page long, but beyond what the narrator is saying, another storyis being told in how he is writing. how he is outlining concepts etc. i will give you a clue and say that, in the literal structure of the story alone, the narrator is going through another revolution within himself alongside the one he is outlining in his narration take a look i.doc open · download take note of the lower case i i believe i remember this one…and i believe i rather enjoyed it. i was just wondering if it ‘worked’ in context of what you said up there but you’re not looking so much for fiction huh? i’m looking for anything i enjoy immensely. “the absurd is the first and essential concept.” – someone (camus?) can’t remember. fact, fiction, all the better if it hopelessly confuses the two. delete the barrier!!! i have some more fiction… i write a lot that has been called absurd, psychological thriller, just strange scenarios i guess. cause me to question what i think i know. i’ve been working on this article too. help me out on the title a bit; “the value and utility of bitcoin despite fiat….” isn’t a good title Atom-Bomb-of-Misery-A-Love-Story.doc open · download what is it you’re paying $10 for 1,000 words for? articles for the site? STOP MEASURING BITCOIN WITH DOLLARS! STOP MEASURING BITCOIN WITH POUNDS! hahaha straight to the point STOP MEASURING BITCOIN WITH EUROS! krona, renminbi… yeah or whatever the fuck the chinaman calls his scrip these days… i’d have to read it to come up with a better title. putting it as a question… Is there a way to evaluate bitcoin without using dollars? Does the fucking pope fucking shit in a golden fucking throne? $10 for a thousand words of what the fuck did i just read. specifically on the subject of mental perversity. i’m flexible with the application of that phrase. hint: i don’t actually read anything anymore. if you get me engrossed in a thousand words of ANYTHING i guarantee it’s worth $10. alright i got you here’s your what the fuck did i just read Olivia.doc open · download read 2 or 3 pages, i dare you… and let me know if that qualifies 😉 i shazzle. enjoy well, hopefully you get on with it at least i wonder…tiñ tin? this story is theone that was most difficult to write so far and is barely read 😀 i appreciate you even taking a look,let alone the potential to consider usingit somehow anything to upset consensus. not sure what kind of consensus this story could disrupt :S as a fictional read it certainly does have the potential to psychologically disembowel you or perhaps not, what do i know? i just really like this story i am trying to accept your invitation but the button just takesmeto wordpress log in and see which blogs you have available to you. only one, my old blog huh. weird. i really would like to post up olivia for that… i think it fits your criteria and it has a decent amount of words. would bring some nice btc, and would be great because that story has been barely read but the people who have read it have loved it not sure what the problem is…invite might have expired. fuckery will you take a look at that story sometime and let me know? olivia on the other hand, it didn’t act like it usually does when i send an invite. you should have gotten one for, too…? i don’t see it damn. will try again. and i’ll read olivia tonight. alright cool. ahh really? nice! hope it goes well you win. glorious. interesting pictures. i win? also, i’ve beenworking on my btc article. i’d like to show you just the first page, will type it up when you’re about i’m really excited to show you this first page actually 42008 i’m about. olivia is a win. word count? 25061! i would like a chance to edit? is this the $10 in btc for 1,000 words? if so… i’ll be laughing. but what then, do you want absolute rights tothe story? once you let me know about that, i’ll type up my draft introduction to the article i’m working on the story alone does not have market value of $2,500, but you as the author may. i should have stipulated my expectations about length and frequency of publications, since i am obviously limited by my own budget. let me ask you this: how many days (including intermediate non-writing days) did ‘olivia’ take you to finish from the conception of the idea? *pfft. $250. i should have written it out as a complete thought, for god’s sake. the story alone does not have market value of $250, but you as an author may be worth $250,000 a year if put in the right setting. read that again…makes sense this time. maff… alright i’m with you so far ‘olivia’ is a $100 work to me, mainly because you ALMOST wrote a short film script. i was considering writing a script for it too actually. and so, that is what you are offering to pay in btc? what are you gunna do with the story? not that that’s going to influence my decision that’s where i’m at right now…if it was 2,000 words or less i would know exactly what to do with it. but, again, it’s beyond the scope of ‘blog post’. i thought about serializing it into 10-15 posts but i think the impact of the last sentence would be lost. you can do what you want with it, so long as it gets read. i would really like to edit it for you though before you publish …musing…another thought – i don’t care for ‘exclusive rights’ so much as i care for ‘exclusive source’. in other words, i have a fetish for knowing i have something first before the rest of the world gets inevitable access to it. i know how to wield that advantage. understood 🙂 – and how about that up there, a little editing? editing…in america, a ‘creek’ is a small rivulet of water. i believe you meant ‘creak’. also, your use of ‘disgusting’ was probably overdone. other than that, carve it up if you feel the need. just a few small editions. the language, the voice; i think you’ll appreciate them i have something else i want to show you now. i want to type up a few paragraphs of this article i’m working on if it’s ok with you though i would like to eventually talk about when to send the btc. i’m starting my savings, see 😉 almost have a whole bitcoin and that, believe it or not, is the most money i’ve saved in my life standby for incoming paragraphs… there are like more introductory ‘what is Bitcoin?’ articles and videos out there than there are those that deal with creation of fiat currency, be it USD, GBP, EUR, etc. in a bid to further a more simple understandong of what Bitcoin is – in practical terms, how to use it – I have personally even gone so far as to advise people to avoid these introductory videos and articles. i’ve noticed so many go ahead and spend hours reading about the technical ins and outs of Bitcoin transactions and Blockchain technology and the like, and the confusion that all-too-ften results determines their reluctance to get involved. no doubt these people might have learned some bits of useful technical insight into cryptocurrency technology, but a lot of the time that comes at the cost of not realising how this technology is directly useful to them personally, here and now, and inspires only a basic interest in them. i askthese people, “did you spend any time at ll reserching fractional reserve policy for money creation before deciding to accept these paper tokens for value? no? but still, you know how to use them, see…” in fact, the vast majority of people who work and live for money have never thought to question to policies and practices behind money creation. Ironically(??) such ignorance doesn’t come without consequence and is at the root of a great deal of interpersonal and social struggling in the world today. in light of this and hte endless list of shortcomings of the global financial system, this relatively new currency, Bitcoin, based on an entirely innovative [processing] technology known as the Blockchain, has become a huge point of interest and kicks the potential to facilitate the next technological, social revolution… such a social transformation is long overdue, and one crucial step to this transition is to recognise Bitcoin for its value and utility absent any relation to fiat currency… — how about that for an introduction? by the way, i have quite a few more short stories that might fit your criteria. none quite as long as olivia but very interesting and fucked up. i have some almost completed too which i know you would get into. what i’m saying is, if you’re buying these from me with btc, do me good prices and do what the fuck you want with the stories. take them, put your name on them, call them your own… i have a whole collection and some serious shit on the way.ifi were to outline the basics of these stories to you you’d know instantly that you want them. i say that with a hundred percent confidence and i gotta tell you, i don’t give a fuck what happens to them so long as they’re being read. i am however interested in that btc. if you’re for real about the fiction anyway then i got a lot in the way of that, and for articles, well i’ve given you an example of how ican write up there with that draft introduction to the one i am working on now just got into the office. let me get back on this shortly. nice, alright 😀 i don’t want to push it… but ironically i am going to push it.. just to satisfy my curiosity, you say olivia is potentially a hundred buck story. tell me, is there much chance at all we could discuss that and make that transaction tonight? obviously no discussion now, at the office, but do you think we could make something happen? and i woud also like a bit of feedback on the draft introduction i sent to you too i’m at MY office. which means i can do as i damn please…but i have a few hundredscore things that please meh, so gimme a moment… forgive my persistence. i am eagar, and this level of interest hasn’t been shown before ahh i see, ha that’s cool man :-))))) i’m reallyfucking happy you got on so well with olivia though, and also that i’ve been writing this article today and things seem to be coming together got time for a 2-page story? things seem to be coming together – Ана-Мария – well duh 😀 ha! yes, interestingthings are happening and it’s manifesting in an intense surge of motivation an all kinds of fucking shit here, if you got time… one and a half pages… Dead Body Disposal(1).doc open · download i’ve got some twisted stuff, some surreal stuff, some psychological thriller stuff, i got small pieces with lines so sharp it’ll pierce your eyeballs to read. – i amselling myself here not out of any kind of ego thing. you know, i don’t give a fuck about the writing… ijust do it. but i put messages into it, and i like bitcoin. it makes sense to do so just sent another invitation for buyanycoin…check email at ok will do not received just yet hey man, is there any way i can write a bunch of shit with serious potential and just sell itto you and rmeian completely detached from it? i can get you content man but i don’t want any connection toit and how do you feel about that part of my introduction? i’m getting there. just checked – holy shit. bitcoin = less than 80% of total crypto market cap. it had gotten over 95% in the middle of 2014. wild. is this no good? it ‘s just a dramatic shift. if it gets below 66%, something’s up. i have been predicting that this would happen. something’s up? things going bad? i think bitcoin was evaluated too high by investors. i think that bitcoin’s success by itself represents not much more than the ignorance of interests to other options. most people that know about bitcoin know ONLY about bitcoin (in my opinion). such as other currencies? ok i’m with you they don’t know about darkcoin. i was about to ask youabout darkcoin and if they DO know about darkcoin, they think they’ve arrived. do you have a serious coin collection or something? i hold two coins, btc and bc (blackcoin). that’s it. right i have half a bitcoin saved from my mining, justto have something to show for it all, but i treasure that little motherfucker. but that’s also why i’m pushing to acquire more. i’m trying, and of course, dealing with you here bitcoin is my only source of funding at all. i’ve been using it to buy vouchers etc. to live on and trade with where you gettin’ these here vouchers? i pay someone in missouri in btc, and she needs a better option for using it (not that she’d want to use it right now – heh) uk only egifter got a shit load for u.s. and canada did you check out dead body disposal? that was one of my writing experiments i gotta give something a shot here, testing to see if there’s a little wiggle room. olivia tortured me for months, many copies burned, many alterations before i figured the story out myself. over 5 months actually. what do you say to $125 in btc as i say just giving it a shot 😉 and still not receiving email what are you thinkingabout all this man? do you have other things going on right now? yup. eighteen tabs open. 1anon77nSMMdcEAQoRyqonKfsX2t7P3Z1 – this is me. send whatever you think the story’s worth. whatever you send even if it’s 1 cent i won’t dispute it; the story is yours. whatever you think it’s worth. all i ask is that if you publish, let me put some editing work in… (p.s the storyis worth more than 1 cent) – in a state of scarcity here so any contribution will cover the story. use atyour leisure i have plenty more, and will write plenty more. they’re all yours. we can get something good going and i ask near fuck-all i don’t mean to flood you by the way, and won’t make a habit of being too persistent ^ it’s still up there – i ain’t askeered. scrolling up isn’t hard 🙂 what’s still up there? the key? everything that has been said. ahh, it has been written at your leisure, of course… perhaps you’ll take tothis one too. short. One-Day-In-The-Life-Of.doc open · download hey pleasestay online for a while the words for this article are flowing nicely i want to show you something of substance soon k. i’m here. log in to with ‘a e’ as username and ‘aden’ as password. BuyAnyCoin › Log In ok please hang on for longer. i could have a draft copy soon and i want your eyes straight on it and i have over 0.8 in cryptodouble someonei know has been paid from them twice already this is what i have in cryptodouble Attachment Unavailable This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you. cool – interested to see how that works out, and also HOW it works. yeah, i don’tget it at all almost done ok fuck i have written a lot and i have barely begun. i’m laying down a social context, but the connection between this and bitcoin is clear. if i type out what i have so far, will you read and let me know what you think? yep. i just downloaded all the docs you posted here and and am ready to read. ah that would be great man, but it’s thi article you really want.. and i’ll have a great preview for you in some moments in 5 mintes, are you ready to take a look at this introduction? i’ll send a textfile yes. 🙂 yes!!!.txt it’s incomplete, as you can see, but it will do the job… i know it! the value of bitcoin despite fiat that’s the premise selecting music… …for reading… boards of canada – music is math lol or.. avery watts – enough, if you’r feeling some rap mixed with metal i’m listening to boards 😉 it’s past midnight excellent. 13 Broken Spanish (Live).mp3 i’ll check it! thanks man hey .. sorry if it pissed you off that iflooded you today, with writing and requests and all this shit i’m excited man! you know, and i really wanna write for you too ahh i’m looking through the beginning ofthis article. you can tell it’s a bit premature and sometimes long-winded, but we’ll fix it maybe i could tone down on the social context a bit fuck knows, maybe it works nope, it’s cool. i just have a quite a few fish frying (the way i like it)… 04 – Ludo’s ‘It’s There To Stay’.mp3 all good to me! so you want olivia, right? so what are the chances of.. you know… 😉 just read the btc piece. it’s 66% complete, and it’s good shit. i want to read the other stories you posted before making up my mind about olivia. which i’m now doing. ok, great… i am fucking happy it’s coming along well! glad you liked the intro i can have that article done tomorrow for you i also have another one on the go i’m staying awake tonight the social aspect of blockchain tech is critical as the $ price of the arbitrarily-denominated units fall below $300. this is a perfect opportunity to educate and re-prime the pump. blockchain is, amongst other things, the long-term memory of the hive mind. the other 2 stories n sent you are just shorts which might fit your criteria for.. insanity? that is an almost incomprehensible point for most people. ok, gotcha we’ll see if we can help relay somethings with these articles then jam it out, man. let me get through these shorts and we’ll see about setting up a recurring transaction from coinbase to your wallet. ahh man… interesting but i don’t know if that’s necessary! can just deal with you on a case by case basis i’ll tell you what, a personal thing for me i’m happy that my first deal on some of my writing is with bitcoin but yeah, read those, let me knowwhat you think we can do 🙂 speak in a bit ‘i’ is perfect. ding ding ding ahh yeah i like that one a lot what’s ding ding ding like a nudge? lol oh bythe way can i tell people i have a publisher, of sorts, now, then? lol 😛 yeeeeeah dingdingding! i just had an idea…speaking of ‘publisher’… i’m revolving ideas in my head for how to publicize this stuff. not that it NEEDS publicization for it to have value to me, but something occurred to me that could be hugely entertaining. it will attract attention; i’ll make sure of it but tell me your idea did i ever show you ‘the diary of larke’? no hrm. let me retrieve that. it’s relevant. alright cool if these other short stories don’tr go down well by the way, i have just a couple more i think do stand a chance. i’ve even had people illustrate for them you’ve used ? nei heard of it heh. we’ll get back to that. you seethat balance i snapshotted you, that i sent to cryptodouble? that’s the most i’ve ever saved in my life. i’m telling you, bitcoin is changing me i’m really hoping they don’t go fucking disappearing before thursday ha #NAME? Introspection is the language of the gods. I am under cold covers, glad to be alive. What is left to me I don’t know. I don’t know how long I’ll be here, but my body’s furnace is working…I am a bubble of warm, self-contained life in an old, worn out bed in an old, decaying building with flaking plaster and dry, cold walls. Don’t touch me. I have a spirit. I am alive. Close your eyes and feel it. Rest. Drop your mind. Lose time. It’s Cold… #NAME? So, there are three rooms in this apartment, three sections of living quarters…funny how quarter means one-fourth. Three switches in this cold hive of human survival…three choices, three allotments of control. Need to use the bathroom, illuminate the bathroom, flip the switch, bathroom is illuminated. Done using the bathroom, done needing illumination, flip switch again, lights go out. Move to the kitchen. Need more illumination. Flip the second switch. Ah, illumination again. Done in the kitchen…move to the hallway, flip switch on. Wonderful lights. Oh, but before I leave, my memory arcs back to the question – is the kitchen light on? The most recent, therefore the strongest, image pressed into my brain is of the kitchen light being on. This discrepancy must be remedied…after all, I am a god of my own universe – if I can take advantage of the fact that the stars obey the movement of my finger, I should be happy to! (flick) Sublime, spiritual darkness again. Having this engaging mental activity freshly stirred in my brain, I remember to (flick) the switch in the hallway before closing the door. Complete control. Masterful destiny. #NAME? It’s all gone now. All the plans, all the stress, all the jokes, all the dependencies, all the fear of failure. It’s gone. I am a timeless, breathing, beating, warming, feeling, living being with no thought for the future, no persons to worry about, no places to go, nothing terribly important to do except be alive this moment – this eternal moment – and wait for the one who is coming to arrive. I don’t know him. I don’t even know that he’s coming. I believe he is coming. I don’t even know if he exists, but I believe he does. You see, I have decided that I don’t know anything. What I thought I knew, I now understand that I believed I knew it. Knowledge and belief are inseparable. You cannot know without belief. You cannot believe without trust, and you cannot trust without having faith. So, knowing that, I having decided to expect the arrival of someone that I will believe, because I trust him, because I can have faith in him. I expect him to arrive because I want him to arrive, and I believe that a trustworthy person would not instill a want in me without intending to satisfy that want, and I believe that a person that I can have faith in has the ability to satisfy my want. #NAME? This, you see, is why I am insane. I decided that everything I was doing was utterly nothing – a complete sideshow, and not worthy to be remembered or discussed, analyzed or referred to. Since my activities prior to my insanity occupied the entire working conscious part of my brain, their inadmittance into the processor of my mind causes the consciousness of past events to be wiped clean, therefore erasing my perception of time. You will notice that I am writing with a strong tendency towards the present tense. This is a result of my insanity. – Larke wrote these words in 2009. Her diary was short. She was admitted into a psychiatric ward in 2010. It is not known if she continued to write before dying of self-starvation. She refused to eat for the last month of her life. fuck i got no words except fuck. that was really interesting wrote that quite a while ago. there are a couple of ideas embedded in that: yeah i see that i see things inthere wait a minute…where’s the…shit. i think there’s something missing from it. damn. my favorite part. ANYWAY… hang on, brb. alright i’ll take the chance to ask while we’re not talking; do you feel disrespected or anything that i’ve been trying to talk btc with you on this writing so soon? erm, no? i brought it up. yeah but i mentioned it a hundred times but, good 🙂 just checking alright? my braindoes things pisses me off etc. well, i’m honestly trying to understand why nobody is trying to get you into a contract situation with a million-dollar film project. what i can offer (right now, anyway) is small potatoes compared what you have the ability to do. well put it this way, we deal with each other now.. and then if multi million film bastards come along then we’ll deal with them as a team at the time how does that sound i’m not aspiring to anything. just doing what i can, i’m excited as fuck that you’re interested and the btc involvement is great. i dont ask for much and i’m happy with how this is working out as it is sounds good to me, although i’d like to get to the point where i don’t need them at all. indeed 🙂 i’m somewhat creatively endowed, and always have been. the ONE THING that has interfered with that both directly and indirectly is the demand of the masses that i involve myself with money and the making and breaking thereof. yes! that is exactly it all my efforts right now are geared towards dealing with that, using new technologies and unorthodox methods to establish an entirely new way of living, of subverting ‘the system;’ of disappearing without having to disappear mine is a story still being told – i’m not old and dying yet, but i have a score to settle with this idea called money, and there isn’t much i won’t do to have my revenge, so to speak 😀 i’m with you on that one btc provides some leverage as far as this is concerned. i won’t be heartbroken if the currency fails, but i’d be a fool to not stay tuned to the underlying tech and get as much out of it as i can, on all fronts. opportunity in chaos, and all that. that’s right i need to get out of here soon, but let’s finish what we started: that sounds good to me! what are you thinking 1. the idea of an unusually intelligent individual succumbing to prognoses of ‘insanity’ where, in reality, the person is simply transcending the limits of herd consensus and becoming completely independent of the systems that demand her compliance and devotion…haunting to me… i’ve got it in the making. it’s a 2 part novel which is more like a series, consisting of chapters 2 books book 1: we are humans and we are afraid book 2: in this human mess you and i have made i can outline this story to you and even send you some of what i have so far, tomorrow… i laughed when i read what you wrote there i think you’ll be pleasantly surprised what’s number 2? 2. the idea of using a medium that breaches the limits between fact and fiction – ‘content’ that is indistinguishable from ‘reality’ – blair witch and paranormal films for example…very appealing to me, especially since i think it can be done far better than in these films or the stories that spawned them… check. got that covered. you’ll see from what i can send you as a preview youwill want this story. 100% confidence. predicting the future on this number 3? i think three is embedded in the part that’s missing. that must be buried in a notebook somewhere. ha it’s cool, it’ll come something about a copper spider caressing her with its tendrils (the cable, power, and telephone plants). did you finish the other stories? shall we talk agreements, transactions? or.. you wanna leave this to another time? ‘my tender mother’ or something. hm, i can’t abstract anything from that 😛 it made sense the way it was written. i’m somewhat horrified that i took it out. :-))))) just sent .1btc to 1anon77nSMMdcEAQoRyqonKfsX2t7P3Z1. oh nice one! received! what is this for? i don’t know; do you want me to tell you how to spend your money? haha i mean what is it in exchange of. which writing? if i am writing for you for bitcoin and i receive some, then i wonder what i’m paid for 😀 let’s just call it an initial deposit for now. get you some whisky and toast to whatever. our eventual calamitous fame, i guess. may it never happen while we’re alive! i mean i’d just like to know how we’re gunna work this… how it’ll work between us, you know hahaha 😀 whisky…whiskey…huh. weird. either way what do you drink, anyway? whiskey actually.. but i prefer to smoke i’m conflicted about whether or not to chuck this 0.1 in to this crypto doubler too i am broke to the point of living outside almost. if this service is legit i’m all good. diversify, they said. it’ll be easy, they said. you reckon i should go for it? they seem to be paying out and all… and you know, needs must. the economy, and all that i have no idea what you should do with it, frankly. the fact that i can get it to you doesn’t make me qualified to comment on your investment portfolio…i’m not intimately acquainted with your situation. well that settles it then i know of some options, but i think my brain would better occupy itself on figuring out how to position you for a crowdfunding campaign. crowdfunding for what? i can’t offer anything pfft. i just need to take care of the basics so i can write that’s all i want to do that’s what i just said. totally crowdfund that shit, man. i can’t but i can, dummy. you just wrote about this in your social significance article. i have no credentials, i’m just some guy,idon’t wanna expose myself to the public really … you can? … can what? catch up, c’mon, c’mon… don’t make me quote you 😀 my brain is fucking with me here FINE. here comes the quote. i still might not get it my brain’s fucked like that lol but yes quote it from the scientific revolution, the agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, it becomes easy to see that it isn’t the suits and their policies which will enhance the standard of living for the people of the planet. the revolutions we require now are practical, interpersonal, social, etc… revolutions based on understanding and functioning insight, rather than opinion and ideology. through our studies we have acquired more information about our world, more understanding and glimpses of insight into human behaviour, lifestyles and social systems than we ever have before in known human history, and it’s time to apply some of their physical manifestations to our social structures. duh. ^ crowdfunding i don’tget the reference crowdfunding what? you. i don’t know what to say man. it’s alien to me. crowdfund me to do what? to write? to abide. to exist. to extemporate. i think i like the sound of it buddy but i don’t hav the firstfucking clue you don’t need to. so how? me. that’s how. i’m intriggued. i find the talk gripping, even… but what are you saying? what are you thinking to do? using new technologies and unorthodox methods to establish an entirely new way of living, of subverting ‘the system;’ of disappearing without having to disappear… yeah i’m working on it the best i can you have no idea. but very limited resources no idea? you have no idea who you’re talking to when it comes to ‘working on it’. so what can we do? i’m not playing stupid or anything here i know. first of all, we need to figure out how to meet in 2015. i need to see wales, anyway. because i’m not going into depth about some of the stuff i have to say online. just, no. understood well that would be good. i would come to meet you. i could show you some places you might like. eco-villages and such where they have some interesting projects i honestly don’t know the best way to do this. there are three options: 1. meet in alaska, 2. meet in england, 3. meet somewhere else. and so what about crowd funding? how about bulgaria? lol no i’m kidding chile, mexico…not kidding. i sent you a link to my crowdfund… you see it? i can’t get to these places man yeah i saw itbut the only way i’m getting to bg is because the girl’s parents are paying for me. i can’t go anywhere i have no means you havemeans because your crowdfunding can i see your link? first of all, stop the ‘can’t’ shit. because that totally wrecks any chance of crowdfunding anything. and crowdfunding isn’t the end of the rainbow – it’s just a tool. lol alright but you know whati mean though i do know what you mean. i can meet you in england. i can meet you in bulgaria i have the means to get to these places england is fine. there’s no reason to overcomplicate anything. but seriously, it would be better if you abandoned the ‘can’t’ business. this is part of the revenge i seek on money; the fact that it told me ‘no’. it must therefore die, and all those who follow its doctrines, etc. ok, fair enough. it’s not expressed in line with how i feel anyway. an empty, lingering verbal habit i know. i see through that. it’s easily enough dropped what you mean is that there are difficulties you are not currently aware of how to overcome. so how do we get crowdfunding to be alive? how do i, if i don’t want my face on the internet or umm..? verbal difficulties? like the word can’t? don’t worry about it. let me worry about it. again, crowdfunding is just a tool. a brush in an artist’s kit. but if it can help me write then it’s a damn useful tool and it’d be good to know about i mean… i suffer. i have original research dating back 2 years to submit to the institute of general semantics which -could- land me some sort of serious standing with them but you know what, i haven’t been able to write it same with the novel, and some other of the more complicated stories so yes crowdfunding seems interesting alrighty then. you’ve gotten this far without it, so give me a chance to find out how far you can get with it. i simply can’t explain everything here. alright then just tell me what i haveto do we can talk encrypted if needs be, or wait until we meet or any other means what we’re doing now is fine. hint: ‘film projects’ so neatly blur the line between fiction and reality that they make a perfect environment for some of the communication we will eventually engage in. alright but that goes for literature, too, to a lesser extent. in other words, we can talk about whatever we want to talk about as long as we mickey-mouse some of the delicate bits into ‘story’ or ‘dear god, my WORK, my WORK’. got you…… i think you see? method to madness. it’s apt to get tiresome, though, which is why a meatspace collaboration will be fortuitous eventually. ahem. botheration. these stories are perfect for the ‘nuttery’ blog. i started it about eight months ago and wasn’t really sure what i wanted to do with it. but i think i have some direction, now. i know i do, actually. that sounds good want a couple more to check another time? actually, before i send either of those which i would have, i’ll take a look at them you’ve had plenty for one day too yes. i need to talk to some people about your situation, too. if you don’t mind (i don’t know why you would, but i’m asking anyway). there are, as you may or may not know, other people like you (based on what you’ve told me), or at least people that are trying for the same thing. this is not my exact situation, but it is still intensely interesting to me for personal reasons. those personal reasons are for in-person discussion. so i have, inadvertently, been surrounding myself with contacts and information that may be incredibly useful to you. alright that sounds interesting what do youthink could come of talking to the people about me? i’m just curious. ideas for projects or something? working ideas, yes. i need working projects, not just ideas, at this stage in my life. i have six kids to feed, after all. i don’t want to force any kind of change on the way you do things, from how you write to how you contend with teh billz, but i certainly don’t mind compensating you in a small way for the effort you put into creating now, or juggling what i know about you in with all the other stuff i mingle with on a daily basis. i feel that, if continued, such a simple relationship has the potential to develop into an incredibly productive segment of lifestyle. indeed, and depending on how we carry it out, and what we do with any work we can produce, then you might find you have put something of real substance together i’ll start writing again at 4 o clock. i’m up now and won’t be able to sleep. that’ll keep me awake yes. my life has undergone radical transformation over the past four years, and it is taking time for my presentation of myself to catch up. once the presentation and the core are in synchrony, i believe there are some wild rides in store. adventure, man. adventure. real, red-blooded adventure. the kind you’re not allowed to have. the best kind. the only kind. if it pays even in the slightest in btc, and could actually go to influence something somewhere to someone, then i’m gunna be writing a shit load i see what you’re saying there heheh. gtg. alright man speak soon, take it easy 42009 writing coming along very well, article-wise. be in touch on that later. let’s talk more about what you got going on sometime too.. seems like you’re up to a lot and are quitethe resourceful chap! 42009 are you here? yep. watched ‘predestination’ last night. how did that go? what kind of film? – check out thislist of psych-thrillers and the like. i made this list on imdb for my favourite genre Attachment Unavailable This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you. cool. just watch predestination. recommended by reddit as ‘mindfuck material’. nice, i like it. if you do too then you’ll enjoy that list. i’ll download predestination now i wanted to know what you think of this, both as a concept for an article iam writing, and to get some advice on how to shorten it down to a title. would that be alright? have only seen ten movies on that list. sweet. the winter just got a little shorter. sure. practical pseudononymous, off-grid, untracked, unshackled living -within- the urban sprawl and capitalist environment … with something added about abandoning that bastard paper trail i have a lot on this already. it covers a lot of ground it might be a bit lengthy.i can simplify when i edit this is for people who are living ‘within’ the system but do not want to be bound by it. some people choose to abandon cities andform eco-villages and the like, some go wandering, all kinds of shit. this is for those who still live in the streets, who still interact with the institutions, who want to be able, again, to ‘disappear without disappearing.’ financially and sustainably, and one key point i am seriously emphasising on, legally it can create a new generation of fully capable, self-empowered and informed people, who are no longer dependent on the ‘orthodox’ social institutions. as this is a global thing, the implications of this if widely practiced could be immense. it would bring about a silent, technologically-powered coup de ta… full application of this will make any outdated and obsolete institutions self-evidently useless, and then they’re fucked. this is ofcourse on a wide social scale and would occur under extreme conditions. however the article is aimed at the individual, a one-on-one with the reader which highlights the need and the practicality of how to put this into practice, and just howeasy it actually is with the many resources we have at our disposal that ^ is crowdfundable. and i have connections that could make it happen. you looked at anarchapulco, the event, yes? nope i haven’t. how can ifind it? if you think something is fundable or just can be put to use, then let’s do it. why not? i intend to. this is the beauty of crowdfunding. it is a far more rugged option than democratic processes. you can ‘vote’ once or a million times…doesn’t matter. just depends on your interest level. you’ve heard of the technocratic movement? i’ve read bits and pieces about technocracy,some things from their websites but not too up to date abotutheir activities interesting… v]9f’-nteresting indeed encryption mixup very interesting* you got luke rudkowski in on your project? i was witha girl who i met in an eco-village who had lived with him. shebecame an ex ha! intrigue. this mightsound ridiculous toyou as a lot of my questions or otherthings seem toappear to but if we crowdfund something for me, can i buy shit with that? isit like i get some bitcoins or something or what? what are the conditions it seems odd think of it as a beggar with a cardboard sign. the better the sign, the more money you get. it’s up to you whether you buy food or go get soused. so when you point to things iwrite and say it is crowdfundable.. you could put that on a page and say this is an example of what could come if more time could bee dedicated etc .etc.? as a limited example, yes. moving away from the begging analogy, a crowdfund also has the potential to build rapport with people interested in the projects the crowdfunder is involved with. they like seeing results or being able to participate somehow. the bottom line is they need to feel good about what they did. it’s micro or nano-investing. ahh see man this is where i can’t go further not can’t allthis shit. nano-investing and whatnot. i don’t fuck with that. can’t i write or produce something and get paid straight up? will you do all my nano investings for 75% of the funds raised? fuck knows man, this all sounds like some shit i’m stoned butthis sounds nuts and i hate to say it but i need to earn, michael, quicktime… i am willing to sit and write for hours on end. i will produce a book of shit for you and you will not disapprove of a thing look, you say you want to write. i’m telling you that’s all you have to do. that and keep your set of values about anonymity, etc. myself and some people i know may be able to function as a ‘bridge’ between you and the limelight. it’s not really that complicated. people spend billions of dollars every year propping up their favorite superheroes…which don’t actually exist. you exist but that all anybody needs to know. you don’t have to establish credibility with anyone – there are trust blocs that have already been built that can funnel equity your way. trust doesn’t need a number or even a name. yeah i got you man i hope you see my message up there i also understand your immediate need. the crowdfunding will not happen instantaneously. but i can help keep things moving for you. i have no means but i can do a lot . i can write for 6 hours at a time if i can get paid for it ok listen man i appreciate everything btw all of this i’ve never had such interest i think your work is excellent. i think it has the potential to support you. i intend to try to make that happen, but i’m not going to limit how that happens to one way or another. i don’t know the best way, so i might have to try them all. alright well i don’t know nobody knows anything, dude. it’s beautiful. go to see that shit? anyone can set up a fundraiser for anyone. i’ve done it for some friends in florida that were down on their luck. they made a few thousand $ in about two weeks. again, these tools already exist…just got to connect some dots. in the meantime, my offer of $10/1000 stands. i don’t need dozens of articles per week at this point, mind you – nor is it in my budget to pay that rate for that many, but it’s still a fair compensation i think you can use for motivational purposes. am i wrong? it’s fair. i’d like that. and the fiction, if you are to buy that? in fact you can do what you fucking want with it. you paid me 0.1, you can take those shorts and i’ll even send you more if you want tem and we’re even on those olivia, however, i would like to negotiate heh. ok. what’s it worth to you? i puta lot of work into that and suffered greatly, so it’s not wort that much to me and once we deal with olivia we’ll just focus on articles i produce from now on mind you, my interest is in keeping your creative talents unshackled, not any kind of ‘right’ or ‘ownership’ status. fuck all that shit. i just want you to keep generating more. so talk numbers. what do you need? what do you wantto do with it? i don’t know yet. i’m looking for the right idea to present itself. it will. they almost always do. and will you make money from it? ok so if you don’t know what you’ll do with it yet, it can’t be worth all that much to you either, right? all we know is that you want it these are our conditions, yeah? what i want is for you to publish it on that ‘nuttery’ blog so i can see how it looks. maybe show it to some people and get some more feedback, more ideas, connections, etc. i could get it turned into a film script, i could turn it into a comic…there’s a lot of options. bear in mind, what you send… will indirectly produce more words. guaranteed. i’m all over it so, you don’t want to buy the story, per se? because what i’m willing to send to cause you to be agreeable to that arrangement is about $100. i don’t want to publish it myself you’re willing to send that, for olivia… in btc? you’re serious? yes, and no, not to ‘buy’ the story. think of it as a tip for putting it into the public domain. really what are our terms? oh my god…terms… no -47qan encryption mixup i mean if you send me $100 in btc for this what is our agreement? we could…agree to disagree that there needs to be an agreement, i suppose… i would like you to agree to two things i probably already agreed to them, but go ahead. you probably did if you decide to use it any way, give me the opportunity to edit. i will inform you of all editions. – second is just keep me in the loop with what’s going on with it. i have worked so hard on this story ad it caused me a lot of personal stress. it has barely been read and i am ecstatic over your appreciation of it alone. if you send it to someone or whatever and they give you feedback, share that with me? for such a short story, it took 8-9 months to write it’s complicated as you know so i would love the feedback dude, of course. i think you underestimate my understanding of the fluidity of art and the interdependence between the piece and the artist. you mentioned a publisher…i think the term ‘agent’ is more appropo. ahh you could be right, a semantic alteration which makes much sense alright then man, we have a deal! do you have these for all kinds of occasions or something haha (doge ram) there has to be a joke somewhere in there about blowing the doge ram’s horn maybe it’s too american…dunno…it’s a truck. dodge ram. alright so last point are we settling this with olivia tonight? are you able to send btc to me tonight to finalise or another time? i’d like to get this out the way because we need to move on to some talk about articles either toinght or another time is cool, but just so it’s out of the way i just bought .3 at coinbase. scheduled for delivery friday. let’s do it then. ok sure; that’s a long delivery time can you make international bank transfers? i know, right? i need to get my account verified…on my list. with your online banking, international bank transfers? not sure. what bank are we talking about? i don’t know, but if you can do international bank transfers i could hook you up with the guy who runs it’s quick hmm. worth looking into. i really need to get my cb verified – but i can explore that option as well. you know, there’s something you might be able to do for me. like, locally. what’s that? you know anyone in wales? yep i am not far off wales that was my understanding. if you know someone terribly interesting (or not) that would self-identify as welsh (or not) i’d like to get the chance to video skype with them. for what reason if i may enquire? as a side note, from what insight i can gather about “you” (not with a capital Y) i think we can relate personally and socially on a lot of issues. for that it’s a pleasure to be in contact with you, and engaging in projects with you indeed. wales…long story. which i may not even know myself. it’s a mixture of several curiosities. give me insight about how your only response to that was indeed. i know some welsh people, i know some people living in wales, i have ‘ins’ to underground projects going on in wales INDEED. take it as an understatement. what? ‘indeed’ an understated agreement. i’ll haveto learn your language man but i’l put you in touch with wales in different means depending on your needs the all-caps INDEED was to signify how understated my agreement was to the idea of ‘underground projects in wales’. however, personal question; do you find it difficult, in some way painful, to part with your coin? my interest in conversation with someone from that place is not so acute at this point. it really could be anyone, as long as i’m getting some kind of reasonable sample of the population. i do not. i do how long id it take you to save your 2i btc? or did you buy? i mine, receive 0.02xxxx a day currently i am pumping everything into everything, over 0.76 of saved btc i hope that motehrfucker pays out in meeting. unlucky well i suppose your kinds of meetings aren’t the unlucky kind actually. they’re probably quite interesting. enjoy biz meeting for buyanycoin. back on track after holidays! hiring? advertising, publicity, neurolinguistic programming lol oh, every comma there is supposed to be a question mark i am available for hire on all these things 🙂 publicity, eh? i haz slot for u. ;O ever use hoot suite? *hootsuite login at YesmanYes5% familiarize yourself with the interface. 42010 watched ‘a scanner darkly’ last night. have you seen ‘john dies at the end’? just seen these messages now, will check into it shortly any suggestions or input on how i can end the article? end with call to action. sop. sorry to proceduralize it, but bitcoin may be about to swing back up on price. need an article to publish soon. sop? elaborate on call to action. i think i would have gone there anyway but want to know what you mean you will have an article very shortly standard operating procedure. i don’t mean the price may be about to upswing NOW, i mean over the next few weeks. but having an article in the chute and an email in to coindesk and other crypto watchdogs is a good thing. my thoughts on call to action – focus on people, not price. the price is a side effect, not a metric. how would you feel about me also posting this article anonymously to reddit with a bitcoin key attached to it? would you not like it if i did that? after all i am writing for you, so i ugess the ultimate question is, can i attach a bitcoin key to the article and remain anonymous yes, focus on the social, technical, practical aspects. i got you i need to see the finished product before deciding on the launch strategy. i’m about to sit here, roll a joint and write without respite for at least 2 hours i can’t wait to finish this first piece i have a few ideas noted down in my book for more writing i realise something this article alone references many things from many different contexts and could use further articles to back certain points up right. has it ever occurred to you that systems like the federal reserve and the IMF are low-tech blockchains? yes that’s why i say i nthe article that the blockchain technology is the physical funcitoning manifestation of the systems that men have been trying to perfect for centuries throguh economic doctrine i will expand on that more in another piece, but i do have it in what i sent you 🙂 what makes you say that about the price btw? cool. just ruminating. it is therefore true that any accusations made or suspicions held about blockchain tech in a financial application are simultaneous accusations and suspicions against the establishment, which uses the same questionable methods to implement their version of desirable results. this is a key exposition that i have never seen anyone make. people already know the reason to support blockchain tech. they’ve just not connected the dots. for example: “so, what you’re saying is that if someone were allowed to continue arbitrarily ‘making up’ these ‘units’ with value mostly driven by hype and investor interest, EVENTUALLY what would happen is a shift of power towards a particular group of people that had, in reality, done nothing to deserve or command that power except hoodwink a lot of people? and that eventually all systems would work for their benefit, regardless of whether or not anyone was aware of it? hmm…you sound like you would have a problem with central banking, then. you sound like you could use some bitcoin in your life.” see? i do see people are already living in what they are afraid of – they’ve just been trained NOT to see it. but this doesn’t mean they aren’t afraid. quite the contrary – they are scared silly and will do anything to put the monsters back in the closet where they belong. the problem is they can’t find the damn monsters. (psst – they’re under the bed – look…) 🙂 yeah i got you, and in the writing i want to touch upon a lot of these things. that’s why i’d send foryou to feedback and even proposed editions etc. it seems we’re pretty much on the same page and aligned with our intentions in mostof this, so we could make a good team for sure but it’s definite that i’ll need to confer with you directly on article content at some points you remember i sent you a piece i wrote before about family, relationships, abstraction, etc.? why do you speculate on the price rising? i mean what makes you think it will? i have many answers to that question myself but i like knowing what others think i don’t think it will. i know it either will or won’t, and i want to be prepared for either eventuality. me too what steps will you take? other cryptos? you mean if it falls through the floor? yeah well anything could you give me tips on hmm i don’t know how to say it where else to focus my energy and efforts not much will change for me. i will continue to monitor the situation and seek development opportunities. i’ve been looking into crowdfunding sprendid! i’m interested to know more in what you’re thinking about how i could be crowdfunded for example, because i don’t see it.. what steps would be taken? how would it be presented? heheh. let me think about how to word this. you smoke weed? ok yeah do that i do not. alright but i support your ability to do so. because oxygen, while lovely as main course, sometimes needs an appetizer. but how could such a thing be pitched as soemthing worth putting some money towards? ah, i haven’t logged in to that site you told me about earlier yet to do this i need to know more. have you ever held a job? (tell me anything you like – make shit up – i just need the story to work from). i have had a few jobs. i designed websites for money when i was 16, only twice, not officially. i worked packing dog food for 8 months, worked in a bar for a year, just worked a production line like a robot for 7 months this year. made redundant in the end, thank fuck, but made me realise i really need to earn from my own efforts… that standardised working life is not for me i have been up to a lot of other things too, which i consider work but not paid employment such as writing, the roles i took when i was living on protest sites (security) etc. they’re in the same zone in my head as work… because not all work is paid employment i suppose have you been convicted for any crimes? (again, whatever you say i can work with). i have mostly lived by hook or by crook though. state benefits if you’d call them that, and from other things i did to raise cash. also work 😉 – nope, never convicted but much confrontation that was my next question – state benefits? welfare? for the time i was out of work. i went through some serious personal shit a few years back, age 18/19, when i started to see, started to learn how to learn… everything i did after that was geared towards doing what i could to see that through. to take my education seriously and develop what i call personal knowledge, to be able to write etc. – i travelled to be able to research a different way to live than getting caught up in the rat race. so yes for some years when i could i took their blood money second from last question; you see how this ‘bood money’ is analogous to crowdfunding? analogous? along the same lines as, sharing attributes with, hearkens unto, etc. i call it blood money because i came from the government, who handed it over begrudgingly under all sorts of terms and conditions. it’s not the money, it’s where it comes from …yes? it comes from…whom? the job center, the department for work and pensions, the central banks – wherever you want to link it to, the fact i needed it meant i took it, but the agencies and all the other conditions attached to it means… it’s funding i can’t exactly appreciate. it’s robotic. they fuck people’s lives over for that money.. i’ve seen two people have breakdowns in that place because of how they treat people… so yes i call it blood money, and there is emotional attachment to that because i feel for it. i’m empathetic. i told one of the men who they’d cut off that i’d spend all my bitcoin on asda (supermarket) vouchers for him so he can live for a bit…. hesaid no because soem friend was coming to town that night. but see what that money, what these agencies, are doing? that guy btw, he thought i was upto something other than what i was when i offered him the vouchers i don’t like taking their money. they talk down to me and i get in trouble with them a lot because i can’t do things exactly right, even though i don’t do them wrong. i just can’t meet all the arbitrary,ridiculous requirements of course he did. like i said, people are afraid but have no idea where the monsters are. the blood money comes from the same place your crowdfunding money will come from: people that empathize with your struggle and appreciate what you have to offer. in this way, the two are analogous. and in this sense, i think you would rather draw attention to HOW the money got to you, not WHOM it came from. that’s a separate issue. crowdfunding shortens the chain of regrets. alright i get you it accomplishes the same thing, just more efficiently and with less barbs and snares. what will be expected of me if i were to be crowdfunded? what would the conditions be? would it be funds to put towards me beingable to produce? remember that central banks work because they are participants in a cartel arrangement. crowdfunding is a way to subvert the government/taxation half of that cartel. yeah, noted, but my questions ^ this whole thing seems like a real life-ground kind of big deal logging into hootsuite, it’s telling me to verify e-mail address sorry, not distracting. keep responding to that before that’s what i really want to get my head around a bit i’m answering your questions. if people can accomplish projects of increasing importance and relevance WITHOUT the burden of taxation, they will start to question the efficacy of the institution of taxation itself – from there, any physical manifestation of said institution will be called into question. i don’t need to explain to you what this means. and that’s what you should keep your eye on when wondering what will be expected of you. just set an example of what the contributors forgot they could do voluntarily. and since you write it will not be hard to do this through your writing. call me a fucking idiot but i have no idea what you’re saying. i’m just gunna keep doing what i’m doing and write for your projects and then all good i have fiction i want out there, i have plenty of articles to write. i cn cover many subjects without presenting opinionated agenda, etc. etc. i just need to find a way to live from this that’s essentially what i’m saying. keep doing what you’re doing. you keep asking me what the expectations are as if there’s going to be a catch somewhere. i’m trying to impress upon you the reason there doesn’t need to be a catch. ok that sounds good last question: what does six months’ living expenses look like for you? not very much but it’s kind of a difficult question. i’m not a big spender, don’t have much bills to pay. i enjoy some leisure with my finances but i don’t go overboard. hm, let me think of an estimated figure… 6 months… what what you say for you? 15000 fuck man i wasn’t thinking so high. perhaps about 4 grand. over the course of 6 months i would spend more than that of course, but i never have funds in a lump sum kind of thing. if i were to have 4 grand or something there abouts, i could make that work for me and cover the six months you know what i’m saying? yeah. mine is sorta irrelevant. i live on the moon and have eight people to feed. that’s true but my estimate, 4 grand, even seems a bit much to me perhaps because i’ve never had it, but if the scenario were to gain an amount of money to sustain for the next 6 months it would be somewhere around that sounds good to me. out of curiosity, how much content could you produce in six liberated months? as a matter of fact i live mostly from what little i mine, which amounts to £4 or so a day in btc a lot of content. when i can write i can write. when i have help, feedback, guidance and support too. also appreciation helps a great deal, and knowing that it is directly affecting how i’m living at the time.. all these factors, would mean i could produce well i’m also working on fiction now though as well. i have 2 projects i’ve been putting a lot of effort into, but i’m taking a break for a while to produce some articles. i was thinking maybe 10 but this is because it is now showing potential to “pay off” not just financially, if you know what i mean, but to make the difference to my life and generate interest i can produce a lot about a lot of things. that’s why i asked earlier if you remember the article i sent you before about family, relationships etc. i do. that was part of a series of short essays anyway, written at a time when i was at relative ease yeah, that’s whyi was asking about that because the range of writing, of subjects i like to write about, and the original content i can bring to the public.. could amount to something i’m not one of these parrots, youknow, with some firmly set nicely wrapped belief system equipped with all kinds of go-to phrases and arguments and not just that, but i have primary as well as secondary research i’ve got observational insight from travelling and the kinds of people i met and projects i was party to, i have original hypothyses (plural) on the ‘role’ of language and thinking in human behaviour. i have one addition and two editions to the korzybski-whorf-sapir hypothesis, i have a personal discipline which i live by, some qualities and characteristics i think need to beshared. not moral codes or worldviews or belief systems, nothing like that. out with the old. i have a novel in the making which will dwarf the fucking holy bible, you mark my words! this story is intense, and this short story i’m working on, short psychological sci-fi thriller… it will burst your eyeballs. i’ve got an outlined sketch of a manuscript for a novel i want to write, titled humourously; BS: bullshit, belief systems and bad science… the content is all substantial my point is, there’s a lot… i have a lot, and believe me it comes with a lot of stress that i can’t write it though i try so hard often it is well researched, well sourced… even my original content, truly original research, is not ideological nonsense lost up in the abstract sapir-whorf – nice. good shit. yeah i have a lot of work to do on that a lot to write up you were asking me relevant questions. do you have more? did i just tangent with all that? i have an idea. i recently had a meeting with someone on the subject of the futility of linguistics. mind you, she’s both a student and a fan of linguistics. we plan to meet again, this time with a phd of industrial psychology. you want to be there for that? to be where? what for? i don’t know… futility of linguistics? through skype. just to discuss. ahh idon’t know this socialising thing i’m not anti-social but listen have a strange complex i’ve noticed thingsabout how people respond to me sometimes and so i take certain measures to prevent it i’m sure we could have great conversation and maybe you could record it and i’ll listen to it and let you know what i think.. something… but i need to stay quiet i need to stay unknown. i can’t express that enough – and it’s not about any bullshit like i’ve done things in my life that i’m ashamed of or blah blah it’s because of things that happen with me and people ha. as if i would allow myself to associate with people who weren’t as weird or more weird than the two of us. pbb. and then to go out of my way…ridiculous. nobody has to know who they’re talking to. i doubt these people will give a fuck. maybe ask me againwhen you talk to this person if you want bud.. i’m not absolutely closed offto the idea but, if it’s in the immediate future then it’s not likely. as in tonight. tomorrow perhaps i want to be involved with everything… i want to support what youare doing and write and also find support in that for me, and i can do a fucking shit load but i must under all circumstances remain unknown nah. haven’t scheduled anything yet. alright anyway despite not being in the best conditions for it right now, i find myself enthusiastic about what we have going on and i’m on a wave of good writing. the financial sideof things will wait but i think we could get something of real substance going the writing is coming easy, for now i’m sure of it. would love to see your research sometime, but that can wait. musn’t boil the ocean. some time i will collate it… when the conditions are right i’m working on it all i can this with you here is also part of that if you need help collating, i may be able to find you some help with that. (i THINK you’re talking about collating in the scholarly sense – organizing physical documents, etc.) no it’s ok, i need to do this. some intertwined with original content which currently exists only in my head ye you got it mmk. i’m just saying, this linguistics student is a friend of mine – and knows a thing or two about the discipline of preparing essays/theses. and speaking of the fucking holy bible, did you read the condensed version i posted on ‘nuttery’? i haven’t i’ll look into this matter AH. you must. i will read this in half an hour tell me, did you say something about sending olivia to a movie person? probably. psy-thrill is a good candidate for slim-budget but high-quality productions because the value is intellectual, not special effects or name-brand celebrities. that would be interesting ^ name-brand celebrities… how come you asked me about the cost of 6 months of living so i can produce? is that what you’re thinking with crowdfunding? and i dont get the picture it’s not johnny depp. it’s a johnny depp fan disguised as johnny depp. six months living expense is a rule of thumb of achievement for radical lifestyle change. the idea is that in six months you should be able to make anything work for you as long as you dedicate yourself to it, so as long as you feel comfortable subsisting on what you’ve acquired for six months it shouldn’t matter how crazy the idea is. $4,000 should be easy. easy? i have never even had that amount of money at one poiint before so hm. anyway i will get to writing in a bit if you had, we would not be having this conversation. what? nevermind. brain fuckery yo if cryptodouble pays out on thursday, i’m fucking rich man someone asked me today. do you think taking advantage of an obvious ponzi is illegal or just stupid? i said it could be either both or neither but my chosen word would be strategic thursday is the day we shall see you think that’s what it is? what, strategic? if it pays out, doubles my bitcoin, helps support me, then yes strategic. i’ll be rich man, i’ll have 1.7 bitcoin do you think it’s a ponzi? i can’t speculate on that because i don’t know what they’re upto. i’ve read all their pages and can’t figure out how they’re returning double. it just basically says in no uncertain terms, “we is experts.” i think it’s a service that, regardless of how it operates, won’t last long it pays out for now though. the question is, will this company up and disappear with your bitcoins before the 100 hours runs out? i guess if you run that risk, and they don’t, you get double back all they have to do is float enough out there until their deposits double what they’ve paid out, then they disappear and double their crypto. that would be the classic version, anyway. have you invested any into it? nope. i’m waiting to see if you get burned 🙂 if you don’t, i might try to get the interest back on my btcjam loan through the site. how muchin interest do you owe? i think it’s 6% per payment. comes out to about .3, as i recall. you should take the .3 you’re giving to me on friday and pay the interest off. get me the .3 another time fuck interest nah. it’s cool, man. yeah it’s cool fuck interest, of course, but…method to madness. 42011 the article is taking a wrong turn i’m writing myself into a hole, away from cryptocurrencies, and i can’t get back out… only i’m not writing -away- from cryptocurrencies, but only over-elaborating on the social contexts of it all. i can see a massive, massive editing job being needed to make this more coherent, consistent and substantial… i plan to do this. not to mention, i’ve used too many big book words… i’ve done this only in the draft as a note to self, to quickly make points which later during the editing process i will translate into e-prime, and more simplistic terms…. but as of right now, i am almost finished, i could wrap it up in 2 sentences, but it looks fucked….. just keep writing. fuck how it looks. stream of consciousness…beauty be damned. but i’m losing myself look at this and to cap this point being made; the necessity of choosing to live by insight and understanding, as opposed to opinion, superstition, tradition, belief and all the rest of it… it should be pointed out that, in the language of dualistic thinking, for every idea there shall be rendered an opposition. until this social state of lag and being lost in the opinionated abstract is overcome, something will not happen, or something will happen, and whatever does or doesn’t happen… well, we don’t want that. ‘losing myself’ splendid. this is the goal, yes? fuck knows buddy it’s fine. you should see the things i DON’T post. #NAME? ha yeah. i could say you should see the things i don’t write fuck… i’m much more interested, as a rule, in the things that don’t or cannot be written. in that way, as long as whatever i’m reading causes me to cease reading, i keep reading. so it is not without a due sense of grave flippancy that i recommend you just keep writing until you run out of whatever it is you don’t like. process of elimination. well i’m slowly reaching that point. i need to move on to the other articles there is the practical, pseudononymous living, one on ownership and identification and one on intellectual materialism perhaps you could use them all, but crypto-tech won’t feature in them all i have full faith in your ability to render. well that makes one of us no i’m kidding i know it can happen when the conditions are good… it’s just getting it done, as in completed i am almost done with the first one, and i want to send it to you in the fucked up state that it’s in, see what you think of it and if you want it, in some capacity and of course after a big editing session while i recognize your ability to edit and finish work, i am more impressed and interested in your ability to produce original content and juggle ideas on the tip of a pen without being distracted by syntax or correctional facilities. i have plenty of people (including myself) that can edit. 42012 cryptodouble pays 0.56 so far. expecting 1btc in about 12 hours or so and a few bits and pieces after that the only question is.. when will this site come crashing down? you’re betting your btc for double return that it won’t do so within 100 hours after you deposit. i’ll be a little more strategic with my next deposits. investing my daily mining payouts which is great because it looks like the difficulty’s about to go up, so this offsets that way in advance. when i receive the 1btc i will invest another 0.5btc, then another 0.5, then another 0.5, etc. until crash. but to double 0.5 every 4 days.. seems appealing, also while keeping hold of original investment and a nice stock of btc. will acquire other coins later 42012 so how’d it go? BURN THIS BOOK™ a concept work with explicit instructions to burn after reading. viral marketing campaign comes prefabricated with the title. hey man another 4hours to go on the 1btc so will find out tomorrow morning. have to go to the fucking job center tomorrow so gunna try to maybe sleep earlyish probably.. what concept? how would you get people to actually burn the book? i’ve been imagining… the contents of the book will convince them to do it. yeah that’s what i’ve been thinking about hang on… oh, nevermind for now. i have some stuff written on how to do this, but it is not availing itself at the moment. it’s all good. i can play with this one as well. interesting thought exercise.. how to gear someone towards burning your writing just through reading it it’s hard to burn a book though it’s a terribly crafty little magic trick. so many preconceptions are challenged in the act – most of which people will have no idea how to verbalize. in this lies its power. you have to screw up all the pages inside it the book can come equipped with a few strike anywhere matches and instructions on the back cover. (in case they think we’re kidding) we’ll be missing out on a huge target demographic; the kids. how can we get to them while attaching matches? or, perhaps depending on the content of the book, the kids are useless meh. the brutally simple strategy will be to put in terms so plain and concise a manual for the first steps of mental liberation, that the reader will either feel so empowered that he will be willing to declare the successful transmittal of freedom from page to brain by public ‘sacrifice’ of the unholy object, or will be unable to stop reading it over and over again. either way, it would only take a few dozen book burnings to start a slow riot for the book. multiple layers! at least that could keep people rereading. getting them to burn it though… what kinds of projects do you have going on at the moment? i don’t mean writing projects, hmm.. like you have tundra productions etc. etc. hundreds. i want to cultivate truffles by applying banzai techniques to their host trees and farm the shit out of them indoors for unprecedented efficiency. does that answer your question? i think so, yeah. i like it. their common thread being you, some of them might merge and otherwise just fall into place eventually yup. such is plan. happy to take part i got albert camus’ a happy death in the mail today i didn’t like it first time round. now it sounds like something i’m gunna really fucking love reading you must let me know. if i were interested in reading, it’s something i would read. i’d like to experience a year of my life with no symbols, no screens, nothing but human interaction – preferable that didn’t involve english or encrypted thought of any kind. i think it would be quite healthy. how can you interact without the symbols? i do think i know what you mean though. i’ve had a similar kind of feeling myself, almost landed myself 6 month stay at aramvita buddhist monastery human interaction is a lot more intuitive, raw, and simplistic than the symbols would have you to believe. believe and disbelieve nothing i don’t doubt what you say there i was just thinking of words, signing and all that. different context i perceive them as wholly unnecessary; worse, a net liability of colossal proportions. alright, gotcha think about what would happen after just one day of foregoing the opportunity to express thought through words with just one other human being. think about that. if it occurred to you that you had something to say, you would be compelled to either directly apply that thought through action, or seize it to some degree and build more complex patterns on top of it until you perceived a meaningful way to release it. it seems to me as though this would cure a great many social ills automatically. besides that, i think it would make for tremendous improvement in self-awareness and constructive disciplines. words are a kind of time machine for those who are not content with the now. so are mirrors, for that matter. 42012 interesting i can kind of equate it in my own terms transcending the ‘language’ of thinking (distinct from thought, separate processes) in our operations so they hit us on all levels of abstraction. it’s like the difference between learning and thinking, between understanding and merely having opinions, between full-on communication and mere speech it’s a personal distinction i make, between thinking and thought. they seem to be separate processes although one (thinking) stems or at least steals from the other (thought) – thinking being a function, a ‘side-effect’ or by-product of language, developing about 400,-500,000 years ago. before complex associations and abstractions were ‘possible,’ neither thinking nor ‘language’ could ‘take place.’ so before then, while man couldn’t actively ‘think’ his brain could still respond with thought it’s difficult to go on about further at this point.. but i see a relation between what we’re talking about here… unless i just project it through some misunderstanding just received 1btc there is. sweet! i feel like i’m in more of a position to politely tell them job center fraggles to fuck off tomorrow if they give me the usual shit ha can you read that? i had to get up close but yeah heheh. if it weren’t for that last image with him laughing that one wouldn’t have got me i won’t sleep tonight. will see if i can finalise something non-fiction for you. i’m just a little scattered with it. it’s hard to write along certain lines when one thing leads to another leading to anotehr etc. etc. and i know you said stream of consciousness is all good, and that is all good but i’ve spent years on loose pages and notes. i have a shoebox full of… pages of shit you need a compiler! as in software, or a human? human. i wondered that, but they wouldn’t have been around long enough. plus i don’t have all my notes anymore. that’s partly why it’s difficult to know where to start, especially when i’m trying to work on ‘believe and disbelieve nothing’ (another project, plaguing me for ages) you read liber null? no does it translate to love nothing? hang on. 430095-Liber-Null.pdf looking, reading chapter titles. will look through this tonight. how come you are showing me? want me to read it? just take a look? if i had the intestinal fortitude to read it, i would. intestinal fortitude :-)))) as it is, i feel crippled whenever required to subject my thoughts to a linear format. you basically have to pay me to do that shit. so if you read, you can quip me into whatever it is that book has to say. alright will do. currently rereading a book by stuart chase danger! men talking but tonight i don’t read books. books and sleeplesness don’t go well together. pdf though.. like i say i’ll be looking through listen i’m trying to get my passport back. i left it at a protest site and the guy who has it is.. pretty difficult to get a hold of. there is a family in bulgaria who want to help me study and write. they want me there and if i’d have kept hold of passport then i’d probably be there already. anyway, here i’ve got people trying to set things on fire and all kinds of fucked up associations with these walls that means i can neither “live” nor write here… but when and if i get to bulgaria, i have four months free-time. i have mostly been able to gain that through showing that, at the very least, there is one person in the world (other than that family) who recognise these words might be of some use. of course that person is you. anyway, there are a lot of factors that determine whether or not i can write, how i write etc… and this year’s about altering the conditions to facilitate a ‘better’ flow of words. i’m doing good with that so far, i’d say, and eventually off the back of that with improving and radical change of living conditions, i’ll be able to produce a lot easier i notice i write like fuck when there’s some disturbance, or if i’m stuck in a social situation with a bunch of people i’m sort of opting out of socialising with. reading and writing is great for that i concur. what’s the exchange rate like in bulgaria, and cost of living? i have no idea buddy oh actually gtg. get back with me on that. i’ve been told i’ll be much better off, put it that way, but i really don’t know. i get the idea it’s cheaper there, as opposed to norway, where everything was twice as expensive alright man, catch you in a little bit 42013 pending some preliminary research on my part, i encourage you to make the bulgarian move and will help you. this will be even easier to crowdfund. i do need some welsh contacts. pending some preliminary research on my part, i encourage you to make the bulgarian move and will help you. this will be even easier to crowdfund. – – how so? i am going for it. making all sorts of movves. just need to get the passport back off this guy as for welsh contacts… any other criteria? two: 1. nationalist (preferably the intelligent kind) 2. if i randomly show up at two a.m., there’s a couch i can crash on and eggs in the morning. either of those would be crazy awesome. they don’t necessarily need to be together. but truly, anyone with half a brain that happens to be in wales would be appreciated. ah man, i can hook you up with a protst farm right on the edge of the border between england and wales, in lydney actually, where you’d be welcomed and would meet some interesting characters. i only saw some of these people on documentaries before i went there. stayed for 3-4 months yorkley court community farm is the name, but yes i know some welsh people they aren’t nationalist there they jokingly called me holocaust denier because i revealed to them that i was a skinhead for some years got involved with a movement whose head has since been murdered. he was a prick anyway, exploited certain vulnerabilities of mine. social vulnerabilities so to speak i use the word ‘nationalist’ loosely. basically, i mean anyone that could stand to see a secession from olde mother becayse they have ideas for how to benefit from that. splendid. i will appreciate any connectivity you can effect. manipulative, greasy bastard not you. richard barrett i’ll see what i can do about some welsh folk. meeting the criteria might be difficult – but however if you do go to that area and go to the community farm, you will find what you’re looking for even indirectly they’re not a cult, despite the name community farm 😉 i’ve gotten used to the ‘indirectly’ angle. 🙂 yeah, cool, it will benefit you no-end as i’m sure you know bulgaria = fascinating. preliminary research complete. ha, you mind sharing? two things stand out like a sore thumb: bulgaria is losing population and has low science and tech impetus. besides that, you said you were being invited by a ‘family’. from what i know about you, i’d say i have a sneaking suspicion of how some of the conversations went leading up to that invitation. complete speculation, but it did click in my head. wanna share some of this speculation as well, or…. not? and i asked because i know near-nothing about bg consider taking a trip there sometime. interested in your speculations seeing as family was in ‘s etc. in ‘s etc. ? the word family was in apostrophes and so on. wondering what that was and also what kinds of conversation you imagine family #NAME? ah… yes… it has been tough i probably used that word too because they’re a very ‘family-‘oriented group. like, militantly dogmatic about it, among other things it will be interesting experience, and some sort of experiment too of course.. what with those people i know. otherwise you wouldn’t have used the word. nice appreciated and you basically just confirmed my speculation. which was what, again? ha have i missed something… they want to breed your brain. fuck what the fuck 😀 hahah um well, not so sure how to respond to the speculation. i can’t say it hasn’t crossed my mind in some capacity, in fragments, over the past fuck knows how long. and yeah, the conversation leading up to all this has been… tense yep. one giant leap. i have no idea what i’m getting myself in for not to make it sound.. frightening or anything. i’m pretty excited but, well, you know i’d love to hear you expound on what ‘militantly dogmatic’ means. extremely religious and sentimental notions enforced by fear and reinforced by the ‘authority figures’ – it’s a lot to contend with. in fact i don’t contend with it, not absolutely anyway. always putting my foot in my mouth though. swearing a lot or, well today i joked that if she shaved her head when i got there i would make a voodoo doll. killed it. there are certain things and contexts i simply can’t reference iwthout risk.. so i’m not sure how to deal with all that i’m confident i’ll find my way but it’s something i can’t plan for oh. shit. it’s the most extreme i’ve experienced in people personally may i, may i. ask. what the hell happened to bring about this relationship? i didn’t smile very much (webcam) and had camtext “believe and disbelieve nothing.” just so happened that in about 2 years she was the only one that enquired about that… and what a fucking angle she turns out to have – we have a lot of talk and it leads us all over the place at times. she is dealing with ideas warring in her head, i saw that from the beginning. the more we talked the more interesting and in depth all that became, the more i sort of started to give a fuck… noticing the change this person was going through, and over serious conflict we had a lot mroe talk over about 2 years, in fragments, that just revealed much i see. and, of course, it must be so. i was writing more. not too sure what else i could write though what must be so? well, my inquiry was into how you/she surmounted the initial barriers present. she ‘must’ have been waging internal warfare already. in parts yes i say in parts because there has been too much transformation. i can’t account for it definitely a good framework for it intellectual framework* right. again, may i. ask. does she complain or even speak of self-contradictions in whatever her home or family unit is? in a ‘way of life’ capacity of any significance, narrow or broad? political, religious, dinner table discussion, artistic, etc? yes, a lot of contradictions. even obvious to her too. yes political, religious, artistic interests. hmm, instead of way of life i might just settle at way of interpreting. the dad, the main authority figure it seems, has written hundreds of books based on the bible. – check it, no fucking around. i found more too on other sites, much more. i couldn’t read very much of it for the way it was written, lost in metaphor and appeals to higher powers, empirical axiomatic abstractions Truth Weakness Sin etc. i bring this up because they are given money from people who appreciate, so to speak, those writings Attachment Unavailable This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you. i don’t have much insight on it at all yet apart from what i’ve read and the little i’ve managed to get out of her about it. definitely know almost nothing about it in practice] he ever preach or pastor a church or hold church office or position? preach probably so. events, not sure about. church office position etc. are out of the question. let’s say they’re not institutionalised ha no pun intended so he’s a bit of a radical in his world, then. you could say so. just interested in finding out some more, a lot more, and in living with this girl in fact, when i get there, she’sgoing to fucking france for 4 months and i’ll be there, so.. oh god. dude. this might get fucked up hm 😐 it looks like a setup, it sounds like a setup, and it feels like a setup. it’s alright. we’ll see what happens we’re not talking about a setup for breeding brains anymore? i can’t dispute what you say there. sometimes it has felt like that too a setup to find out how quickly you can accept the indoctrination. SO THAT your brain can be bred. i don’t know… you reckon i should go for it then? ha – as for indoctrination, it’s more likely i’ll have them disbanded if i catch them before they get a chance to get very far with that i understand. believe me, i understand. i’ve done this three times. four, using some elasticity. yeah, should be fun except i’ll be very very far away in a strange place with no contacts all that being said, i am sincerely looking forward to the trip you should be. it will be hair-raisingly wild. checking the website. my sister is named after mount moriah. i am an 18-year indoctrination camp survivor. you? mee. nevermind. thought you could have pulled that from the site interesting let me know what you see there… not that i haven’t seen the site but you know what i mean what does she say about her father’s work? just the writes… a lot… that he doesn’t have a job and that they live from donations, and now a recent death in the bloodline just that he writes* what’s the significance of this, moriah? do you see anything on that site? in the blog? yes. i am 99% certain i can interpret his work for you. fuck that could be useful being that it seems someone has taken the time to compose it in english. (i don’t speak bulgarian). yeah i was just looking at this english i won’t ask who translates i’ll wait and see i don’t recognise it; it’s not ani she claims to have not read any or much of her dad’s work at all – another reason for some of the conflict understandable, considering the potential conditions ‘the lover’? can you get this text? on one of the sites? looking ‘the voice of the lover’ the title’s there but no link what do you think about it? well, part of me wants to say it’s standard bullshit, but another part wants to see if there’s any actual innovation going on. you know his daughter. surely you can wrangle a copy? yeah i’m leaning more towards the former for now i could. she’s asleep. i’ll get it, we’ll be talking again soon not sure if i can get it instantly yeah. you familiar with the biblical figure solomon? not too familiar k. so dude man gets giant wise download from the man upstairs. suddenly he understands everything about civic planning. he gets a harem. builds shit. projects everywhere. fame and glory throughout the land, because he’s the king, naturally. and while there is some dispute on the identity of the writer of ‘the song of songs’, it is generally attributed to solomon. there is even more controversy on what the fuck the book is trying to say. and even more about why the fuck it’s included in the protestant canon. the excuse is that it’s an allegory for the love between ‘christ and the church’ (bla bla bla). i’m pretty sure it got tangled up in the mess because it has lots of sex in it and the nicene council had a pretty good excuse for being bawdy because the s-man had such a reputation..his porn HAD to have some kind of deeper spiritual meaning. …yep. as i said, i’m 99% sure i can interpret. i’ll give it a shot. but if i can ask, why the interest? is there some significance to this to you personally? something about what you mentioned before? besides my personal interest in a glimpse into a fascinatinf country whose folk music i’ve had a chance to appreciate, you can think of me as a precautionary measure against serial killers. 😀 *fascinating haha yes, haha. that’s how the book will start… how come this title, the voice of the lover? you mean why did he pick it or why did i pick it? i’m having a hard time coming up with something, a reason to get it. i’m on no sleep again and my heart is fucked did he pick it? it’s a paraphrase. ‘my lovers’s voice’ is, i believe, the direct extraction. oh, why did YOU pick it…ha. i did not! you did i just ask because well, are you going to tell her i picked it? there are a lot of unlinked books there no ha then you will tell her you picked it? well i won’t say that but i’m going after a certain one here. the word lover is in the title; she’ll think i’m trying to interpret it about her or me or some other shit – hang on, that could be pretty useful given the circumstances anyway i still wonder. choose not to answer if you want. i’ll still try to get the text …you’re getting warm. pardon my crude attempt to mask uncouthness, but you do have somewhat serious intentions of a carnal nature towards this person, yes? no it’s alright, just wondering about it but letting you know i’ll take no-answer. i’ll see if i can get the text and yes …so my reason for picking it is very simple. refer to my serial killer comment – i don’t want you getting shot. so i want to get inside her father’s head. precautions. same i want to see how the fucker rationalizes sex in his holy book. me too well then. ah now i see, ish kinda sorta i wasn’t making necessary connection again, no sleep. it’s fucking with me i’m well rested, and like i say, i’ve done this before. i have certain advantages 🙂 there are some other key issues that you may find supremely useful to have recon on before arriving (in the interests of maintaining certain levels of survival). if you want, i can scope out his little projected reality from sex to strudel. the fool wrote it all down!!! i would say anything that gives me into that in particular, and into anything else that i might find useful… could turn out to be crucial, invaluable, whatever pretty sure you’re going to be under intense scrutiny. might as well return the favor. sun tzu and all that…know thine enemy. 😀 you should also understand that i see more than just a single set of people going through a single set of events here, in your case. what i see is an instance of a much larger drama playing out. it could be so. with all the variables in place i still have a lot of questions about me being there. especially that they will have me for four months, not having to work or anything like that, just so i can write and do what i feel, explore the place if i want, while one of their daughters who i am there for in the first place is in france it’s not an accident. but you already knew that. i don’t know what i know. i know there’s a shit load i am missing. i can place these events though, her going to france, the spontaneity(sp??) of their having me.. etc. it’s not that there’s absence of suspicion either. just not sure of such an elaborate setup, yet look at his books. these people live in an elaborate setup. while they may not get points for holistic consideration, they do not lack in the complexity department. but his daughter is experiencing serious change and conflict. she’s seeing through a lot of things and coming to gain some serious insight about.. a lot. but it’s not what it’s about; it’s about how it’s happening. ive been impressed that’s probably why she won’t be there. ah hahaha for fuck sake there is that dude, sleep. as long as you’re not getting on the plane tomorrow, you’re not inevitably screwed. there are some cool bible nerds out there. hopefully he’s one of them. i can help you figure out what exactly you’re dealing with. it’s not first and foremost anything to do with the bible. it’s her but this is extremely relevant to a lot of different things. however, it’s not him it’s her says you, about you. maybe not so for other people in her family. ultimately it may come down to a choice between you and them. mine chose them. both of mine chose them. yeah that is a good point; says me, about me, but that’s all i really got to work with. i just wanted to make the point anyway but yeah all this is interesting… and there’s something fucked going on. we’ll see about it both of mine chose them? the women i was pursuing. i’m very pro-family, but because i’m very pro-other things it seems i had to find an orphan to start one with. not making this up. tthat makes perfect sense. i’ve thought about the same thing for me, either a likely outcome if i choose to raise children or just something i’d like to do, not to say that i ‘want’ kids right now. i don’t does she? i should know that hm… like one of those answers i should have to hand ……yeah. along with a list of about fifty-seven other questions you probably won’t believe someone would have the gall to ask you. yeah i know allow me to give you this. take it for what it’s worth to you. you are a variant of her father, whom she subconsciously respects as a kind of god-figure. he writes, you write. he is innovative and artistic, to the point of challenging conventionalism. so are you. there are probably other uncanny similarities, hence you two have oodles to talk about because a variant of YOU had a lot to do with shaping her experience and she obviously has the need to come to terms with that. which is all fun and games until some of your most basic assumptions about how to apply your life force to your apparent existence conflict. re: offspring. this is the sort of thing her parents likely feel is their heavenly-bound duty to ferret out of you, preferably while she’s not around to make things more difficult to perceive. remember, for all they know, you’re the serial killer. BUT, it is also likely that they have had difficulty in the past with potential suitors not meeting their criteria (whatever that may be – the greater good and all that) so by this time they may have loosened up and are willing to challenge their own boundaries. but mind you, there are some things some peopl won’t budge on. they would rather be raped in public (literally) than renounce certain patterns of speech. yes, indeed… think i should throw them in the doubler? hmmmm yeah, fuck it you hesitat. i get headstart. good luck! i need to go and crash real bad. have a good night buddy Attachment Unavailable This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you. i won’t bother correcting such small errors. you notice it, i notice it, we’re all good 42013 anon set up a recurring payment for $10/week to your anon address. should have the first installment of ten now. 42014 hey, cool! nice one. did you decide to put the 0.3 into the doubler? i might just put a little bit more in today, not sure. i’m just looking at this price as well as thinking of my situation etc. – i suppose this is how people get sucked in though. i already have 0.8 to come back from them within the next 100 hours. i think that 0.4 or a bit over as i put my mining payouts in there too, is enough for now Attachment Unavailable This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you. fair play to you man… it’sstill on my brain; you with the kids, taking on an orphan to start a family.. establishing a way to raise children and keep relationships while not compromising yourself, your interests, your projects. i like that 42014 i put .05 in cx2 and used the rest for other purposes (i pay someone in missouri $26/week, have a growing loan/investment portfolio on btcjam, and am stockpiling slowly in a five-person multisig wallet). checked out egifter – looks good. i can build a house with indirect btc at homedepot…cool. if i only put reinvestments into cx2 after the initial win, i cannot lose. such is my strategy. same here. now just waiting on what’s to come back by tuesday what’s incredible about cx2 is not the schema – it’s the timeframe. even a ponzi or pyramid scheme should have an unbelievably hard time keeping up with 100-hour turnaround. i know a guy that has built multi-exchange autotrader bots (that work). i showed him the cx2 site and am waiting for his feedback on possible legitimacy. i just don’t understand how they’re doing it. two things come to mind: a massive float ($millions), and the propensity of people to put back in when they get their payout. i wonder if i can take their entire transaction history and plug it into a spreadsheet to do some analytics. 42014 i’m curious about this site as well. let me know if you find anything. you -can- check how much comes in and goes out of that site everyday i can’t find it at the moment though so cant link ]i know it’s there though someone i know just put 2.49 into the doubler well not ‘just,’ but has done. some hours have passed my guy (whose technical opinion i trust) says it’s ‘definitely a ponzi’ and that ‘if you play it don’t pyramid your funds’. FYI. alright, what is pyramiding my funds? telling your buddies about what a good idea it is ;D effectively taking it from the next sucker down the line. i don’t think i’ve told anyone what a good idea it is :))))) just that i’ve been paid and will play it out until crash yep. me: hey look! a ponzi! why pay for a week in vegas when you can lose it all for free! but i’m in profit i have 1btc saved and have just sold £50 worth for living expenses expecting plenty back – and this guy who put 2.49 in had used this before me it’s all <> to me. money by itself is a ponzi scheme, so i’m not going to lose sleep about a compound scheme. i know to expect to lose something eventually i can only lose $15. not putting anything in i don’t get back after this point. 42014 Anomie – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Anomie is a “condition in which society provides little moral guidance to individuals”.[1] It is the breakdown of social bonds between an individual and the community e.g. if under unruly scenarios resulting in fragmentation of social identity and rejection of self-regulatory values.[2] It was popul… go. 42015 This message was removed because it contains blocked or harmful links. these questions are fascinating, and could stand some analysis. 42015 i had seen the wikipedia page on anomie before, will check this now 10pm. just woke up. unsustainable 42015 working through your imdb list. 42016 ha! have fun… 42016 is it over already? can’t access you? 42017 ah, seemingly so 42017 ah broek et. it’s a magical touch i have. i would make a great professional beta tester. i’ve never seen this before… wherever i go. i’m used to it. why i only put $15 in. ha 🙂 *”A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”* **— Robert Heinlein** ah i’ve read that quote somewhere nice 42018 you lose anything to cx2? 42019 yes! 0.4.. of profit, so i don’t consider it a loss 42019 cool. can i look at the btc article you’ve written? of course. give me the afternoon (my time) just for a little tidyign up (nothing is finished, all is mess) and i’ll send it over (snort giggity) 42021 just had a BITCHIN idea for a psyche thriller. get back woth me. *with 42023 need to buy btc, dude. lots. know anyone? taking orders online in beta…need float…willing to discuss loans, interest rates, equity shares in bac, etc. this is live, asap. hey man excuse me, but the article is not ready yet. the last week has been pretty busy. i wanna hear your idea for a psych-thriller though. and i might be able to hook you up with big quantity btc… not me personally but yes the guy who runs see this profile picture change? it was under duress her old man was saying to her that i’m some kind of satanist criminal, and changing my profile picture would help if i show my face …yup. well, shit. yeah saw that i’d liked nietzsche somewhere in my profile. didn’t like that you couldn’t just use someone else’s picture? lol he knows how i look seen me once on the cam oh. it’s more than just nervousness now. my passport arrives any day and i am sort of trapped in this in some way anyway fuck all that. we’ll deal with that when it happens what’s going on with your ideas? this new site you’re selling btc through? did he say those words, ‘satanist criminal’? not together, but yes. i heard him. satanist link because i liked a nietzsche books, he read an old blog and wasn’t happy about what he read, and criminal because wanting to remain relatively anonymous …it begins. next it’ll be my black clothes, my book collection, my writing itself goddamn christian girls. soulsuccubi. well, you’re in for it, now, dude. i get to watch you suffer. (popcorn) i’ll keep you posted 😛 as you said, fuck all that. i’m getting flashbacks, now. you know, it will take some effort to remember the psyche thriller concept. it was fucking cool…i’ll remember… flashbacks? i told you i’ve done this before. fuck, dude…it was a guy in a prison…fuck…trying to remember… shit…he like, trained himself to split his personality or something…i’ll get it. it’ll come around again. might take some days. sounds interesting though cool, let me know but bitcoin, man. teh bitcoin. need sellers… very quick, reliable chap. problem is he takes bank transfers from me and not sure what you would do internationally. he’s on my facebook, hugh 42024 well bloody pip and other bad anglicisms. i’ll just rot on over there and wag a dish at him, shall i? 😐 that was intended to be funny. i have no idea how it comes across to you, but i find it amusing. sort of a nano ‘wtf did i just read’. 😀 42024 42026 i’m making the move this weekend. when i am there i will work… a few more days is all i ask, then i will be back in touch wit hyou. it will also be easier there for me to speak on skype, too, if you’d like to when i say work, i mean write 42026 by all means, get thee into the land of moriah. damn, that reference might be lost on you. oh well. you’ll probably get it soon enough. speaking of bulgaria, i found something the other day. the link had a tracker on it, so i’ll have to sort the text out. 42026 Subscribe! « The Word Detective Almost all comments are approved (spam and personal abuse being the primary exceptions), but approval of a comment does not indicate agreement. ^ payscription model need to know how to set that up with a bitcoin payment method. bitpay…? 42028 tits on the egifter app, dude. love that shit. any more fantastic recommendations? also, check to make sure your payment went through last night. 42033 things are well here in bulgaria man will be starting on some work very soon, and able to talk more – i hope by voice on skype – in a number of days HOW ARE THE CREATURES? 42034 perfectly fine :-)))) how are you? shaken not stirred! an eye for an eye! lord of the flies! cranberry pudding! so what are we getting into in the land of the slavs? you know we probably get our word ‘slave’ from ‘slav’, etymologically? i did know that! and right now i’m still in a process of settling, adjusting. things are well with ani and i’m slowly learning my way with the language to be able to communicate with the others better. there isn’t a complete block though, so it’s alright! there seem to be no expectations or demands imposed on me, nothing like that. i’m enjoying it here, and right now i’m just putting some work in to not having a heart attack any time soon. tomorrow ani leaves; after that, i work! which is to say i write cranberry pudding? 😛 words! Indeed words AND WHAT ARE WORDS, WITHOUT DEEDS??? I ASK YOU!!! We are yet to find out It`s still early days. I’mstill herr Here… I’m being encouraged to study, to write, to take better care of myself. As of now therrs nothing i dont appreciate. We’ll talk more soon man k. just remember that you’re being scrutinized like never before. 42034 No doubt. Good morning 42038 hey man, are you around? i have 3 pounds something or other stuck in my bank account.. wondering if you know someone in uk who can sell me that meagre amount, just to get rid of the 3 50 or whatever it is, because i don’t have use for or access to it while i’m here 42038 hey 42038 i do not. 42040 localbitcoins operative in uk? that might work, depending on how you get the pounds out. already got it sorted man :-))))) thanks though 42041 what’s the cost of living like in България? Everything is cheap as fuck. Great place to spend money, not so much to earn it!! good. sell me some land? ha… come on over. we’ll go nomadic and start some sort of web of eco villages well, i did have something like that tossing around in my head. but first things first…can you get me a price for five acres, or whatever they use over there for measuring tape? lollll you make me laugh man. i will make some enquiries – i am very interested in this place for similar things well, do it like you would it for yourself. keep me in the loop. thanks! no problem; have asked but didn’t get much of an answer. will ask again, different people. i like how you considered that but in my case it wouldn’t work 😉 i’ll keep you posted though. i’ll ask over breakfast tomorrow skype 14th of feb, 9pm sofia time? Имоти – – Пазарът на недвижими имоти – продажби, наеми, агенции, новини за имоти (imoti) – Пазарът на недвижими имоти в България. Оферти за продажба, под наем, купува, наема, заменя. Агенции за имоти. Новини. Съвети. Строителство. Обзавеждане. Интериор. Кредитиране и др. 42042 Will click that link soon. Lol, what’s with all your pictures man… They don’t make sense! And yes… Skype then… No sooner? That’s a week away! Tomorrow? The next day? can skype in thirty minutes. hmmm i’m a little bit drunk. i’m not sure if i can… well, i’m on. 42043 i would much rather have spent time speaking with you last night instead of drinking and editing. the backs of my eyeballs are paying a price for that now later tonight i should think! 42043 skype = open. 42044 i’m not sure why i’m telling you this, but i am 42044 has she been to france before now? 42046 i’m pretty excited about this meeting on saturday. hope you join. 42046 i’ll be there! 42049 setting up. i’m not around – i’ll be there in 90 minutes or so… late! but hopefully i doin’t miss it completely k. skype’s open. i’m here. will be on skype very soon – did i miss it? 42050 was only half kidding about writing that book. nevermind burning it. SPELL lol, well it was an interesting thought-exercise to play with what about spell? my desktop looks cool as fuck btw with that image book title. … interesting BOUND WITH HUMAN SKIN MUHAHAHAHA. hahahahaha necronomiconomaniacs would appreciate that touch… i imagined something like out of evil dead hahaahah open…if you dare…unlock the HUMAN potential…wink wink… we have such a resounding cycle of ideas here, man. man, i’ve been watching some lectures from dr gabor mate today. the guy is so extremely interesting in the contesxts he takes up for what he wants to talk about, but my problem is… no matter where i’m learning about human behaviour, i can’t ever avoid remembering that humans simply haven’t gotten off to a great start. it puts me down in some way i have to do something… have to help where i can. all in all it makes me want to write, or realise that i need to korzybski’s book ‘manhood of humanity’ made me realise just how much of a responsibility i have to write cool little book that one, but the words don’t come to me so easy. it drives me nuts what do you mean with that? ^ the ideas seem to take a life of their own, and in pairs demand triples and in triples demand octuples. they feed on each other and generate new ideas. this is how i know i’m onto something. this has the power to rethread the entire psychosomatic complex and convert it into something genuine and comely, not malignant and stunted like what we are strung along with. interesting yes, and i see what you mean about the ideas slaves cannibalizing slaves because of ideas cannibalizing ideas… maybe the better word is ‘nurture’ for what we’re working on…problem is i don’t like that word. not strong enough. invigorate, develop… i like it a little bit. i found an old essay i’d written on what i called the ‘basic human connection’ – but that was soft in its approach and deliberately so. nurture was overused there that one could do with rewriting. glad to have found it though you know why cannibalism is ‘bad’ in the biological sense? no i don’t. i can’t imagine humans taste so good in fact the humans i’ve tasted haven’t tasted all that great but… i keep on. it’s like vodka really. i don’t understand it lol but no anyway.. make your point have you seen ‘the book of eli?” i haven’t shall i download it? i’ve been looking for a new film to watch. i downloaded the new oldboy and malcolm x yep. beware the cannibals. i’ve been having terrible, terrible dreams lately. really unsettling not so much on their own but that it’s almost every night… mostly just violence but last night’s was just being trapped in a situation. i had to go to prison for something and didn’t know what, so it was one of those ‘time is running out’ kinda dreams.. so this morning i downloaded the 25th hour with edward norton and watched that alright. book of eli coming right up 42051 hey man. give me a shout sometime if you’re in the office with some downtime and want to talk or anything, if you’ve got any ideas going or just found something interesting.. or even if not. there’s a lot we could come up with even without a specific starting point! but it’s cool; i like doing that. would be good to talk again soon. hope you’re well 42051 did you note the shaking hands? ?? you said something some time ago that interested me that some people would rather get raped in the street (literally) than to give up the language they have ‘assumed’ or whatever it was i have come across something like this before, kind of, in a way shaking hands in the book of eli. yes? ah ok i haven’t watched it yet, but i’m intending to tonight. planned to watch with breakfast this morning but had a dentist appointment and yes, just not sure how to bring it back up. i want to talk about it but don’t know how to get back to it. for me when i was dealing with it before it was very difficult. i had strange reactions to it which probably interfered with my communicating well about it i’ll get back to you on it when i can put together a sentence or question about it a little more straight up. i just had a heavy discussion about it with the girl i’m with now which brought a lot of things back, troubling me as if it were happening right now. though it’s not, still, it bothers me how it troubled me before. 42052 SOMALIA. 42052 book of eli (Y) although no, i can’t say i got the hand-shaking past the obvious image of… too much human meat. like some sort of crack fiends who have the shakes reading 42053 just talked with the hughman being. good lead! i’m glad about that i hope you get what you need my brother next thing you know, you’ll be hooking me up with the guys over at btc-e. last time i checked, they were in your neck of the woods. well we’ll have to see about that! why somalia? you in the office tonight? probably. will be pretty busy though. thieves’ slang is shifting and has no history how is a ration card different than a coin or denominated bill of currency? 42053 good question 42054 so, you buying in with quickbtc? he’s checking with his lawyer. haha that made me laugh. not entirely sure why but he thinks we can do usd all day long. i told him the volume could conceivably get to 100+ btc daily. and i think he wants to find a way to make that work. for obvious reasons. nice :-))))) if you do get around to doing some business with him, consider a one-off dropping my key as a reference? that’d be good, of course shit. seriously? it’s basically giving him an international retailer. key? wallet key. he has some referral program sounds like some serious shit. i’ll be glad if you can get something going. i’ve sent many his way, none dissatisfied but then again none international AH. of course. must remember to mention that. well no must, but if you do and can and would 🙂 you’re ‘uhspannin yer operashin’ yeeeeees well, it’s no more volume than exchanges like kraken do in a day. the minor ones, you understand. ahh i got you but our model is acquisition, not order book. we’re going after people that don’t want to fuck with exchanges, mainly because we feel that, THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE OUT THERE LIKE THAT and stuff. yes there are give me a shout if you’re around later, either by here or on skype. i’m doing some celebrating and have invited a few people to join me in a drink and some voice chat. cool if you’re busy; another time, but i’ll be about, and what’s more… my head is spinning with a lot of noam chomsky linguistics shit. i’ve been on a youtube binge with him today about to enter into nine hours of mediocracy known as a ‘job’… early morning here. aha, gotcha! well i got my fingers crossed that your projects take off so that you can drop that shit i know, man. we were talking about crowdsourcing some equity last night. $300,000 for 1%, up to 40%. that might do the trick. 300,000 for 1% – i can’t place these numbers 1% of the company equity. a share, more or less. ahh ok, gotcha have you ruled out taking a loan? no, but i think we would get many, many more intangible benefits from a motivated,meaningful business partner than we would reaching into the dry and dusty coffers of the old order and getting a notice of bondage due at the end of each month. understood question: do have enough resources to translate an english trifold brochure into ukrainian, russian, and/or possible other languages? and fast, as in within the next 36 hours? perhaps russian, but not within the next 36. it would have to be done at the weekend when the sister who speaks russian gets here what is the brochure about? ukrainian yes easily done bulgarian yes, but also depending on subject matter i’d have to be wise about who i ask to do this for me ukrainian, no holds barred gimme a few. 1. fact: increasing difficulty with legal remittance to many countries. 2. fact: large fees associated with older remittance methods. 3. fact: our service allows you to purchase digital currency that can go anywhere with an internet connection at extremely low cost. 4. fact: it’s fast, legal, secure, and our service fee is competitively low. 5. fact: the digital currency you purchase is not dependent on any government. it is a new technology that uses millions of volunteer computers to track calculations and prevent hacking. 6. in order for the digital currency you purchase through our service to work for the person you send it to, they must have an equivalent to our service locally. our company does not currently operate outside of alaska, but the digital currencies we provide access to are used by many companies worldwide. 7. here is a list of known digital currency service providers and the countries they operate in: [insert list] 8. go to to set up an account and learn more! desired languages? i know people from all over, most of which i have met face to face. let me know how i can help on this awesome. you know, i have this list of 30 languages, but i’d take whatever you can get. ethnic african, pacific, asian are especially good. if you want, check out the demographic section of anchorage, alaska. this is our immediate target area. send me the list? i’m geographically challenged – i’ll see what i can get. exploring right now alaska? what language do they speak? mandarin, spanish, english, hindi, arabic, portuguese, bengali, russian, japanese, javanese, malay, vietnamese, korean, turkish, thai, pashto, hausa, ukrainian, tagalog, yoruba, swahili, amharic, fula, romanian, somali, hungarian, greek, twi, and samoan that’s roughly 30 languages. spanish, russian, korean, ukrainian, romanian – off the top of my head i -might- be able to do … why do you need them within 36 hours? i’m not sure if i can do that, but i can try i need to have a glossy sample printed in my hands when i leave for mexico. investor pitch, conversation piece. ah i’ll see what i can do anyway hold the press – partner has some input on the wording. brb. alright! working on the final english version. 42054 so we talked about it, and it looks like the only part they want removed is the ‘only serve alaska’ bit. good morning oh yeah. that. i don’t know what you’re referring too. i just woke up, indeed, but i can’t find any only serve alaska in the text you sent me i say it because i’ve just woken up. it’s 0225 but fuck it #6 alright gotcha i like your status about being alone but not lonely. seems being alone is a state of being whereas thinking lonely is a state of ‘mind’ , a state of thinking i’m your friend, but i’m not your friend. just remember; we’re all alone all of the time I believe we are one while being individual and that loneliness is a gift to allow us to see what makes us both different and the same is there anything else that can enable that but loneliness? DMT? ha :-))))) to me, it seems loneliness is a consequence of certain ways of thinking, certain linguistic tendencies up in the thinking. as a result, the nervous system becomes disturbed and people take the disturbance, which hurts, as the original loneliness. it’s almost circular in its function, self-perpetuation, much like ‘shame’ – which is a big one when you break down the sentence “i am ashamed of what i did last year,” and notice that the two instances of “i” used there are very, very different, although this is never recognised, and this brings on disturbance. through reflective thinking, loneliness becomes almost self-evident, but breaking it down it seems more like a consequence. it doesn’t seem to me to be a state of being, but like i said, a state of thinking first and foremost. there are some who don’t go through it, and some who can live ‘alone’ but not lonely, and live enriched and fulfilling live by various means it makes sense to me for people to seek people or to some degree to ‘need’ people. i can wrap my head around that, but ‘loneliness’ is something else. almost like a bad habit which just hurts more those who take it up Damn that’s well worded That’s the last two weeks of thinking summed up in two staements well bear in mind that alone doesn’t make it so. that’s just how it seemed to me. moving out by myself, i dealt with being alone before many other things, after living a life of no shortage of people. they were in and out, in and out well, if it is i hope you can take something from it. something like that is tough, especially when you give it a name… especially if that name is validated by everyone else around you I agree entirely. it wasn’t easy but i managed to dispell my own sufferings of what i thought was loneliness, what i thought was shame and guilt, but dealing with the absolute, definite and blind language of my thinking which bound the thinking together, in turn creating complexes. i paraphrase korzybski; your friends may forgive you for your thinking, but your nervous system won’t you feel i’m taking a stab at thinking? i kind of am. kind of. it’s complicated, but it comes from my own context of distinguishing thinking from thought itself Thinking is the power not only to act on thought but to accept it,is it not? whereas one may be useful, the other is largely a poisonous activity. that useful one doesn’t seem to be much of an activity at all, whereas the other is nearly an addiction. it houses opinions, belief systems, methods of interpretation by which people evaluate and cross-reference almost everything that happens in front of them perhaps, in some cases. people think in different languages though. i can almost relate thinking the activity as an entirely verbal phenomena, consisting of interaction with linguistic abstractions. thought itself though.. seems a little different. different characteristics. it’s not an activity you can ‘do,’ it’s responsive, chaotic, doesn’t cater to what you’d like to think, can’t house continuous abstractions such as belief systems and opinions and so on… And we shall call this the human phenomenon yes we shall i suggest that humans have had the capacity for thought much longer than they’ve had the ability to think, and i’d bet my last pennies that thinking developed along with the development of language and the ability to form complex associations as much as it is a useful thing, the “I” that exists in thinking alone is a thing to be aware of, vigilant towards even… especially with all the noise in the world today it’s very romanticised, but how many forms of meditation have as their end goal, the overthrow of the self? the bringing down of the I Removal of the ‘I’ surely leads to only we,ergo dispelling the whole experience of being individual and possibly ending in some hive like race of beings. what if “I” can just take another form? not that it is gone entirely… to say “I” don’t exist can almost seem absurd… but to recognise the oneness in “I” with all things that have gone into it; how a tree contains the earth itself, the sun, the air, everything it connects with, just as “I” can become “i” and doesn’t consist of any ‘me’ more than it consists of ‘other’ symbiosis! behind “I” as a purely verbal abstraction… i found no self nor lack of self. i was left confused as fuck. a little understanding goes a long way; that is, understanding as opposed to opinion. understanding, NOT being a phenomena of language or thinking (if i am allowed to separate the two, which is difficult for me to do) i’m not tooting my own horn here, and if you do get around to reading this through, i wanna know what you make of it i’m having this conversation now. i would pull you in if i could, but i can’t. it’s by fb me and the other guy, though he’s not talking so much. it isn’t so clear in the copy/paste where i cut out and he comes in fb does group chats. o_O i realised that once i hit enter…. :-/ we’re done for now though. just talking about escapist tendencies and music, not linked. perhaps linked subconsciously! hahahahahha nice. hahahahahahah that one has hit me good 🙂 you like music? sometimes when i ask people that, they think i’m being stupid. “everybody likes music.” but indeed there was a time where i could not stand music. not a bit. not even that which i listened to before that time i cannot bring myself to say ‘i like music’. it seems meaningless and unnecessary. i make music. cryptic. that being said, i have no idea what you mean there what music do you like to listen to? deconstructivist music. fuck, man… either i’m being stupid or you can be extremely difficult when you wanna be! how about this… Attachment Unavailable This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you. asking me what kind of music i like listening to is like asking me what kind of air i like to breathe. the shit that works, man. i asked what music you like to listen to. to rephrase; what have you listened to most lately? deconstructivist music. hahahahah shit alright! 🙂 i make music. it is one of the few ways i know how to dream. maybe you could make something for me to put some vocals to one day, maybe not! either way, feel free to share something you’ve made sometime look up ‘fooling around on the motif part 1’ on youtube. i’ll do it. you listen to the twiztid song i posted you up there ^ i will in 30. fuck… nice. i’ll drink to you sir, and these sounds! that one is lost on me. the music’s still going strong though. oh yes!!! another drink to you! fuck yes. ty for sharing! i’m gunna check out the others too in a little while as is often the case, the best one got lost somehow. that was the second best one. i have a few tracks lying around from when i had a small studio to record with. nothing finished or pro quality, but yuz can tell where i wanted to go with it. perhaps like that twiztid. reminds me of ICP. 09 Drusilla.mp3 08 Multiplied Waters.mp3 i’m deleting my facebook and starting again will re-add can not re-add. check your followers list or your ‘other’ message folder. i’m in there somewhere k.