1.  don’t join militias.  they fix nothing.  know where every single militia in the world is, including the big ones that don’t call themselves militias, but don’t join any of them, even as a mole.

2.  anarchy isn’t worth fighting for, and neither is freedom.  both are the same, and both are inherent to the existential dilemma; if you find yourself fighting for either one you’ve already been sold onto the plantation – because someone has managed to degrade your awareness of the immutable fact that any living organism that is capable of deciding the definition of freedom is also by definition totally free already.

3.  the one constant of social relations is the outstanding assumption that you and everyone else need to be controlled using external forces because the results will be unacceptable if you and they aren’t.  this assumption breaks down as soon as you realize that the ultimate unacceptable result is death, and nobody has a way to control it so the social dialogue ignores the fuck out of this realization because there’s no business like show business in the meantime.  once you realize this you can understand why everybody spends so much time talking – they’re nervous about death and it helps distract them.  society, language, and control are tic-tac-toe for planetary inmates waiting for their number to be called.

4.  we sleep because we’ve been awake too long and we wake up because we’ve been asleep too long.  there is a forgotten state between the two where neither extreme is necessary to return to the other.  this forgotten state is why prayer, meditation, dieting, fasting, exercise, pharmacopeia, hypnosis, music, tv, vr headsets, etc. etc. etc. have all been tried to return to this ‘living dream state’ where true recreation is possible.  in the meantime the hamburger grinder grinds away, recycling organic waste and multiplying the number of self-inducted lab rats into the experiment.  the funny part?  any lab rat that succeeds in the experiment has ‘broken out’ of the lab and has no way to successfully communicate to the others how the fuck he did what he did.

5.  science and knowledge are myths and fairy tales.  they are just as much so as the others were in a different context.  contextual situation emulsifies truth.

6.   superman and batman are zeus and prometheus.  nothing has changed; contextual situation emulsifies truth.

7.  we are in the midst of a genetic apocalypse.  nobody is in charge, nobody knows what is going on.  nobody is even the point – we are transparent vessels for biochemical codes and agents waging their own agendas outside our ability to comprehend them; see also angels, demons, goblins, and elves.  no, seriously, just look that shit up.

8.  one universe ~ one quark.  scale is a loop, not a linear framework.  what people call ‘god’ is on the side of the loop opposite where they are contextually situated.

9.  fear, hunger, and embarrassment are our prime motivators.  sex is a tertiary function that allows for more fear, hunger, and embarrassment.  homeless people don’t get money thrown at them because people are charitable; homeless people get money thrown at them because of the same subconscious fear that drives people to pay taxes.  they’re afraid their house will be taken away from them.

10.  the chances that anything listed above is meaningful relative to the cosmic schema is zero.  anything divided by zero is infinity, and any argument to the contrary is definitely an argument about nothing whatsoever.