Genetic Apocalypse

We are in the midst of a genetic apocalypse.

Ancient religions saw in the origins of what they could see a pinnacle, a peak, a high point to descend from.

The human body and mind were suited to examining this point of origin from its natural vantage point.  But as the genetic apocalypse continued, war, famine, disease, the plagues of life and death alike, blinded and eventually separated man from his origins, so that the retelling of it became obfuscated and mythic only.

The new religion of science is not privy to the origin of man, and it has only a view of the ascent of technological means of coping with the descent.  It is this inversion of assumptions; that man is ascending instead of descending, that infrastructural augments to man’s native capacities are progressive in themselves instead of regressive substitutes for despair, that has defined the conflict and reterming of man’s existential dilemma since the last great biological pandemic and subsequent ‘renaissance’ which brought about the demand for a new order, a new scientific order.

But what science has not yet grasped is that in its simultaneous gazing through the microscope and through the telescope, in which it hopes and craves to find the final boundaries to its perspective and therein lay claim to a kind of control over genetic mayhem…what it has not yet grasped is that the scalar continuum is looped back on itself.  Wherefore, the origin point of man and what man perceives as LIFE is simply diametrically opposite his position on a circular band of perspective.  The largest conglomerate of particles is simultaneously the smallest building block for everything it is comprised of, and the ghosts that inhabit this surreal and self-referential tunnel of being are the true gods and dæmons which were strived to become reacquainted with since the first projection of their immortal will and influence inside this, their amphitheater.

Thus, man’s genetic code is in compromise, steady in its decay, but not in its apprehension of said.

We are the playthings, the phantasms of the absolutes.  Our demise is act and theatric for god and goblin.  Our apocalypse is their high point of amusement.  Soon the climax will be enjoyed, and they will reconstruct a drama anew with their blocks and toys, their planets and ion bonds.

All technological developments only serve to replace that which was lost.